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How do milling machines work?

A milling machine is a CNC Router which removes material one thin layer at a time using a moving drill bit.


What are the benefits of using milling machines?

You can set them to different cutting speeds and depths as well as use them to ensure surfaces are absolutely flat. You can apply very accurate finishes.


What is turning a material?

Shaping a material as it rotates


How do lathes work?

A material is held and rotated by the lathe while a tool or bit is pressed onto the material to cut it.


What are the two types of lathes?

Wood lathes and Engineers' lathes (for metal work)


How does 3D printing work?

Layers of molten plastic, powder or wax are printed until the full 3D shape has been formed.


How does press forming work?

Annealed metal sheets are pressed between two moulds with a large amount of force.


What are the names of the two moulds used in press forming?

Punch (top)
Die (bottom)


How does casting work?

Molten material is poured into a hollow mould. This material is then left to cool and solidify before being separated from the mould. Often the mould is made of two parts so it can be split to release the product.


How does die casting work?

Material is melted and poured into the die which is in the shape of the product. The material is allowed to cool and is then removed from the mould.


What materials are used in die casting?

Usually metals or thermoforming plastics


How does sheet metal folding work?

To shape metals like aluminium or tin, the outline of a product is marked out from a flat sheet of metal. Then the metal is fed into the bending machine, you make a fold and move the material through for the next fold.


How does lamination work?

Thin strips of wood are glued together and held in a jig which holds them in the correct position. Once the glue is cured, the wood can be removed but will stay bent.


How does line bending work?

Acrylic sheets are rested on two bars and the element between them heats the plastic. Ensure the line you want to bend along is directly above the element. Once the plastic softens, bend it and it will maintain its shape.