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What is a SharePoint Farm

A SharePoint Farm is a collection of servers that work together to provide a set of basic enterprise and web content management services.

It's a combining of services that make up the SharePoint Farm, like Documents/Files, Folders, Business Intelligence, Structured Data, Search, Tagging, Websites..Sets of services, components, features tied together.


Why Install a SharePoint Farm

Firstly, if you have a single server then it's a single failure. There's a single point of failure for performance and scalability.

More servers then you get distributed protection.

Scalability - ability to scale to meet the needs of content and data.

Resilience - Recover from failure at any level.

Performance - Increase performance for end-user requests and internal services.


What are the SharePoint Farm Types ?

Standard Servers Roles -

Dedicated Server Roles

Shared Roles


SharePoint 2013 Server Roles

Web Server

Application Server

Search Server

Database Server


SharePoint 2016/2019 Dedicated Server Roles

Front--End Server

Application Server

Distributed Cache Server

Search Server


SharePoint 2016/2019 Shared Server Roles

Front-end with Distributed Cache - shared role that combines the Front-end and Distributed Cache roles on the same server.

Application with Search - Shared role that combines the Application and Search roles on the same server.


What is SharePoint MinRole ?

- is a SharePoint 2016 and higher option.
- uses predefined server roles
- set the roles at the server creation
- required services are automatically configured based on defined role, nothing else gets added over and above what has been specified in the product for the specific role.


Benefits of SharePoint 2016/2019 MinRole ?

- Simple and repeatable deployments (can easily script out process)

- Improved performance and reliability

- Better capacity planning and farm scalability.


What are Web Applications ?

are top-level containers for content in a SharePoint farm.

- in its simplest form is a website that has specific security. Its the data segmentation using content databases, file system and core platform files. So web application is really the component where we build a site with all of its corresponding components.

- is a container that hosts various different things.
A web application is the parent level container that can host other components.