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Sprain Grading Scale:
number scale?
what does Grade 3 mean?

Grade 1 or 1° sprain: Approximately 25%-50% of the fibers torn.
Grade 2 or 2° sprain: Approximately sprain 50%-75% of the fibers torn.
Grade 3 or 3° sprain: >75% to full rupture.


Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder Syndrome) is correlated with which of the following condition(s)?

Diabetes, Thyroid problems


"the capsular pattern"

External rotation, abduction, flexion, internal rotation


The terms "bicipital tendonosis" and "bicipital tendonitis" are different in that with tendonosis the following applies.

Degenerative changes are found on histological examination


Failure to perform the Gerber Lift-off test may indicate which of the following?

Weakness of the subscapularis muscle, Tear of the subscapularis muscle


A positive Neer’s test with the shoulder held in external rotation increases the likelihood of impingement of which structure(s)?

Biceps brachii tendon


The shoulder complex (shoulder girdle) is comprised of which of the following joint(s)?

Glenohumeral joint, Acromioclavicular joint, Scapulothoracic joint, Sternoclavicular joint


Which of the following muscles has attachments to the glenoid labrum?

biceps brachii


The supraspinatus muscle attaches on the ______ and can help to create _______.

Greater tuberosity of the humerus …… abduction of the glenohumeral joint


A tear of the supraspinatus muscle tendon is best assessed by which of the following test(s)?

Codman drop arm test, Empty can test


Hypertonicity affecting which muscle or muscle group can cause irritation and compression of the brachial plexus?