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what is impingement syndrome

tendons of rotator cuff are compressed in tight subacromial space


what are the symptoms/signs of impingement syndrome

painful arc from 60-120 degrees
pain radiated to deltoid and upper arm
tender below lateral edge of acromion
Hawkins sign


what is the treatment for impingement syndrome

NSAIDs, analgesics, Physio, subacromial steroid injection
decompression surgery if conservative treatment doesn't work


how does acute calcific tendonitis present, cause and treatment

acute sudden onset of severe shoulder pain
calcium deposition in the supraspinatous tendon
subacromial steroid and local anaesthetic injection - self limiting - pain resolves as calcification reabsorbs


how do rotator cuff tears occur

sudden jerk in over 40 yr olds
young and anterior shoulder dislocation
degenerate tears can occur in the elderly - 20% over 60s


what kind of tears occur in rotator cuff tears
and how are these confirmed

can be partial or full thickness and usually involve supraspinatous


what are the symptoms of rotator cuff tears

weakness of initiation of abduction - supra
weakness of internal rotation - sub
weakness of external rotation - infra


how does adhesive capsulitis present and what are its risk factors

progressive pain and stiffness 40-60s rest;yes over 18-24 months
pain subsides after 2-9 months then stiffness increases for 4-12 months then that slowly resolves
risk factors - dupytrons, DM, cholesterol


what are the clinical signs of adhesive capsulitis, who does it occur in, how long does it last and how is it treated?

loss of external rotation
physio, analgesics, intra articular glenohumeral injection


Treatment and recurrence of traumatic shoulder instability

anterior dislocation settles with physic after reduction
80% redislocation rate in