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The skeletal system is divided into two functional parts, what are they?

Axial skeleton, appendicular skeleton.


What are the two types of bone?

Compact and spongy.


How are the bones classified according to shape?

Long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones, sesamoid bones.


What are the functions of bone?

Support, protection, mechanical basis for movement, storage of salts, continuous supply of new blood cells.


What does the axial skeleton consist of?

Skull, hyoid bone and cervical vertebrae, ribs, sternum, vertebrae and sacrum.


What does the appendicular skeleton consist of?

Bones of the limbs: pectoral girdle, upper extremity, pelvic girdle, lower extremity.


How does the Cartlidge obtain nutrients and what is this term called?

It obtains nutrients by diffusion also known as avascular or doesn't have direct blood supply.


Where and what is articular Cartlidge?

Covers articulating surfaces, bearing surfaces, of bones participating in synovial joints. Provide smooth, low friction, gliding movements.


What is periosteum?

The fibrous connective tissue covering, except areas of Carthage, outermost part of bone. Provides interface for attachment of tendons and ligaments. Perichondrium covers cartilage.


What is the difference between Compact and spongy bone?

The compact part is a thin layer of bone surrounding central massive spongy bone. Spongy bone comprises central compartment of bones except where it is replaced by medullary cavity.


What is bone made up of?

Living hard form of connective tissue that makes up most of the skeleton.


What is cartilage made up of?

Connective tissue that forms part of the skeleton requiring the most flexibility.


What are extra bones in the skeletal system?

Wormian: skull
Sesamoid:in tendons,example-> patella in knee is largest.