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Jobs performed by slaves



How to become a slave

-Prisoner of war
-born a slave
-exposed as a baby
-convicted criminal
-kidnapped by pirates and sold


How slaves were freed

-In a will
-name entered by master on citizen list
-master could send them a letter granting freedom


Why slaves were freed

-To marry them
-for a long service
-a brave deed (saving masters life)
-slave could buy freedom
-if slave is old/sick
-to encourage slaves to work hard for freedom


Disadvantage of being a slave

-Totally under master's control
-humiliation of slave market
-strict discipline - physical punishments
-dangerous (e.g. mines/arena)
-no family life
-couldn't vote


Good treatment of slaves

-Could be freed
-paying a wage
-chance too make a will
-good food
-pleasant house to live in
-could achieve fame as a gladiator


Advantage of being a freedman - Libertus

-Could not join the army
-could have own business
-could marry
-children could become full citizens


Disadvantage of being a freedman

-Housing was poor- Subura was dangerous
-freedwomen could not refuse to marry the master that freed her
-patron's help was unpredictable
-had to support ex-master in times of hardship
-could not hold religious or political positions


What patron did for freedman/client

Legal duty to give them the protection that a paterfamilias would give his family:
-Daily food
-assistance in law-courts
-could set them up a business
-find him a job


What freedman/client did for patron

-expected to help patron in private life
-applaud his speeches
-help him if he fell on hard times
-greet him in morning - salutatio


Who wrote a letter about how he treated slaves well?