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How long is the incubation period of smallpox?

7-17 days, no symptoms, not contagious


What is the prodrome phase of smallpox and how long does it last?

Fever of 101-104, malaise, head and body aches, sometimes vomiting and lasts for 2-4 days, sometimes contagious


What is the early rash phase of smallpox?

Starts as small red spots on tongue and in mouth, develops into sores that spread large amounts of virus into mouth and throat, person becomes contagious now


What will happen with smallpox after the sores in the mouth disappear?

The rash appears on the skin, first on face then arms, legs, then to hands and feet. It takes 24 hours to spread to entire body


What happens on the 3rd day of smallpox rash?

It becomes raised bumps


What happens by the 4th day of smallpox rash?

Filling with thick, opaque fluid and often have a depression in the center (distinguishing from chickenpox)


What is the pustular rash phase of smallpox?

Bumps become pustules: they are sharply raised, usually round and firm to the tough (as if there is a BB under the skin), lasts 5 days and is contagious


What is the pustules and scab phase of smallpox?

Pustules begin to form a crust and then scab


When have the most pustules scabbed over by in smallpox?

By the end of the second week, def contagious


What is the resolving scabs phase of smallpox?

Scabs begin to fall off leaving behind pitted scars, most fall off in 3 weeks after the rash appears, stil contagious


How long until a person is no longer contagious with smallpox?

Until all the scabs have fallen off = scabs resolved phase


When is smallpox the most infectious?

7-10 days following rash onset, some patients may be contagious during the prodrome phase