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What was the aim?

To investigate whether white males would confound to shocking a stooge when under an authoritative figure.

To investigate the Eichmann case= "it wasn't me, I was obeying orders"


What was the IV and DV?

IV= naturally occurring behaviour (quasi)

DV= the voltage the PP was prepared to go to (400v max, 15v intervals)


What was the sample?
How was it obtained?

-White males from New Haven
-20 to 50 years
-students not allowed
-range of occupations
-article for a memory test and $4.50 pay in newspaper


Who took part?

-Teacher= PP
-stooge (learner)= 47 year old accountant, mild mannered and likeable
-experimenter= 31 year old biology teacher, stern and emotionless


What were the prods used?

1= please continue
2= the experiment requires
3= absolutely essential
4= you have no choice


What was the procedure?

1. Teacher meets stooge and picks out pre-determined role
2. Real electric shock given to teacher (45v)
3. Stooge strapped to chair in another room
4. Teacher give stooge a series of words then ask "second word"
5. If right, moved to next question
6. If wrong, given an electric shock
7. Voltage increased at each q (15v)
Max 450v


What happened at 300v?

Stooge bang on the wall in pain and then 5-10 seconds of silence


How was the behaviour recorded?

Observers in another room making notes


Why were no students allowed?

-May not cope with stress
-Under authority at school


What were the good ethical things?

-Teacher met stooge (learner) after and proved was still alive (most times)
-Given psychometric testing after
-Told behaviour was normal


What were the bad ethical things?

-Under extreme stress: some PPs experienced convulsing fits, tics, shaking
-Not all PP told was fake
-Deception= no informed consent


What were the results?

-100% went to 300v
-65% went to 450v
-most felt extremely guilty (shaking,
tics, fits)


How could the experiment be improved?

-proxemics: allow the teacher to see the learner
-use an animal instead of human: not so unethical
-use females and older/younger males to test their behaviour


What is the background?

-Adolf Eichmann "I was just following orders"
-prove theory that Germans had were naturally obedient wrong