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What are the assumptions for the Social Learning theory?

Much of our behaviour is learnt through experience.
Learning is done through observation and imitation of others within the social context.
Learning occurs directly through classical and operant conditioning but also indirectly.


What is vicarious reinforcement?

This is indirect learning – when you see someone else being rewarded for a behaviour so imitate it. It is the consequence which is observed.


What does the theory suggest about mediational processes?

There may be some sort of fix on how mental factors mediate or intervene in the learning process to see if a new response is acquired.


What are the four key mediational processes?

Attention – extent to which we noticed behaviour.
Retention – how well it's remembered.
Motor reproduction – ability of the observer to imitate.
Motivation – the will to imitate the behaviour.
(1st two relate to learning, 2nd two relate to reproduction/performing)


What is identification?

This is the idea that people are more likely to imitate behaviour of people they identify with these people are known as role models.


What is the key process within identification called and what are the characteristics of role models?

The process is called modelling and role models will often be attractive, high in status and have similar characteristics to the person who identifies with them. The role model doesn't necessarily have to be physically present – the media.


What are the evaluation points for the social learning theory?

It provides a more comprehensive explanation by recognising all the mediation processes.
It has over reliance on Lab studies – the Bobo doll study – demand characteristics.
It may underestimate the role of biological factors – Bandora makes little reference to testosterone in his Bobo doll study.


What is the key study in the social learning theory?

Bandouras Bobo doll study – animals attack the doll will children follow suit etc.