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Banduras Bobo Doll Study

66 nursery children watched film of aggressive adult
1) control
2) adult rewarded
3) adult punished
Children's play then observed and group 2 showed highest levels of aggression suggests aggression is learned through vicarious reinforcement

-demand characteristics
-children - generalizable to adults?
-psychological harm


Chicago Study

Cognitive Priming: children learn scripts for future behaviour from anti-social models on TV. High levels of TV as child + identifying with aggressive character=2x risk of criminal of fences as adults


St Helena Study

Undermines SLT: 1995 introduction of TV > children > found no significant change in social behaviour. Any found were equally split between anti social and pro social

-v small population lowers validity can't generalize


Manns Baiting Crowd

Analyses 21 suicide leaps reported in US newspapers in 1960/70s. Found 10/21 cases where a crowd had gathered to watch, baiting occurred (encouragement). Tended to occur at night crowds were large and far from jumper.

-at night, drunk?
-era dependent
-retrospective data lowers reliability


Zimbardo: Stanford Prison Experiment

Guards brutality increased with uniform and sunglasses



Removal of buffers lead to decrease in how high they would go on voltage of shock



Asked students and prison inmates what they would do if invisible for 24 hours and not held accountable for actions. Found average number of anti social responses was no different (36%)

-based on self report but diff between saying and doing
-def of anti social behaviour?



Confidential survey of male US university students. Nearly 1/3 said yes to rape if they would not be caught



23 tribes: those that changed their appearance (face paint) had higher rates of killing torture and mutilation of enemies

-cause and effect? Another factor? Tribes who are attacked more wear face paint?