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Olds & Milner

neural mechanisms. Found that when brains of rats were stimulated with dopamine release the rats would repeatedly press the triggering lever up to 2,000 times per hour. They even stopped feeding/drinking/sex.


Scerbo & Raine

Neural mechanisms. Meta-analysis: 29 studies that examined serotonin levels in anti social children and adults consistently found low levels of serotonin (esp. In those who attempted suicide)



Genes--found concordance rates of 87% for MZ twins and 72% for DZ twins. (-DZ not very different, suggesting strong family influence) (-MZ not 100%>other factors? SLT?) (-maybe MZ simply treated more similarly?)


Brunner's Dutch Family

All sons and father showed symptoms of extreme aggression (all raped sister) and all had defective MAOA gene (low serotonin and high dopamine) *-good mothering in monkeys with defective MAOA appears to protect against aggression...parenting?


Phineas Gage

Biological explanations of aggression-neural mechanisms-brain structure. Case study:man has metal pole go through his frontal love and survived but became angry and aggressive.


Danish Study

Genes-adoption studies. 14k boys adopted. Found a positive correlation between those with convicted fathers and boys own criminal records/aggressive behaviour.



Hormones: found that violent criminals have higher levels of testosterone.

*cause and effect?


Dog Aggression Study

Neural Mechanisms: 80 aggressive dogs compared to 80 non aggressive dogs. Found low serotonin levels in the aggressive dogs.