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What does the term stratification mean?

The way society is structured in unequal layers.


What are the main ways people are stratified?

Social class, gender, ethnicity and age.


What are the two stratification systems?

Ascribed and achieved.


What was the form of stratification in ancient Greece?

Being born a slave.


What perspective are Davis and Moore?



What do Davis and Moore believe?

Role allocation is necessary


Benefits of using structured interviews to research social stratification?

Unbiast information, less time consuming, can easily turn it into quantitative data, making sure they are asking the right questions.


What are some criticisms of Davis and Moore?

Ignores high status, low pay jobs, ignoring Marxism, men gain at the expense of others (feminist).


Why do those with the most 'functionally important roles' get paid the most according to Davis and Moore?

Because others lack the talent and motivation to get those jobs. It is a desirable reward to ensure the most talented get these jobs. SOCIETY MUST HAVE SOME INEQUALITY.


Why do the proletariat experience alienation according to Marx?

-cut off/isolated from work.
-lack control over where products go and how they turn out.
-Proletariat have a false class consciousness (unaware of exploitation because they are socialised this way.
-The bourgeoise end up getting smaller and more powerful.


What does Weber think?

Life chances are crucial in explaining class. A class is a group of people with similar life chances.


Weber also incorporates...

Non- economic factors and aristocracy.


What is subjective and objective class?

Subjective=what you believe you are.
Objective= what class you actually are.