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How can people react when their society collapses?

become violent as a way to survive, suffer and die young, flee (run away)


How did most people live after the collapse of the Carolingian Empire?

short, difficult lives, scraping a living off the land


Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

after the Romans left England, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes (from Germany area) invaded England and pushed the Celts into Wales, Cornwall and Scotland


What did the Anglo-Saxons become known as?

The English


What was the main occupation of the Anglo-Saxons?

Farming – both men and women had to work hard


What did Anglo-Saxon men always carry?

weapons and they were expected to protect their villages from wolves or enemies


What is an epic?

a long poem or story telling about heroic deeds and events


Did the Anglo-Saxons have a police force?

No, but everyone knew their rights, and expected a trial by jury


What did the Anglo-Saxon men have to join?

A militia group called a fyrd, sort of protection squad


What two great Anglo-Saxon skills can we still see today?

Remnants of their metalworking skills and their storytelling skills


What is to barter?

to trade good and services instead of paying with money


what does prosperous mean?

thriving, doing well


Why did Anglo-Saxon's have to barter at markets?

There were few coins in circulation so people traded goods for other goods


How was Anglo-Saxon trading different than Roman trading?

The Anglo-Saxons did not trade with other cultures and did not travel to trade. Their focus was on farms and village life


How did news spread in Anglo-Saxon times?

From village to village by word of mouth


How did Anglo-Saxons increase their wealth?

By fighting neighbors and stealing their stuff


How did an Anglo-Saxon know who was the leader?

Whoever gave them the most rewards of gold or land


What kind of fighters were Anglo-Saxons?

They were fierce fighters to protect what little they owned.


What is Beowulf?

An epic poem of fighting the darkness/dragons/evil that was told orally, it would have been half told/half sung with a harp. Eventually it was written down around 1000 CE