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What factors affect how fast a substance dissolves?

Agitation, temperature, size of the solute.


What is Saturated solution?

Contains the maximum amount of solute for a given quantity of solvent at a constant temperature and pressure.


What is Unsaturated solution?

Solution that contains less solute than a saturated solution at a given temperature and pressure.


What is Solubility?

Amount of solute that dissolves in a given quantity of a solvent and specifies temperature and pressure to produce saturated solution.


How can you describe the equilibrium in a saturated solution?

A state of dynamic equilibrium exists between the solution and any undiscovered split provided that the temperature remains constant.


What factors affect the solubility of a substance?

Temperature affects solubility of solid liquid and gaseous dilutes in solvent both temperature and pressure affect gaseous solutes.


What is Super saturated?

Contains more solute than it can theoretically hold at given temperature .


What is Concentration?

Measure if the amount of split that dissolves in a given quantity of solvent.


What is Molarity?

Number of moles if solute dissolved in one liter of solution.


How do you calculate molar it's of a solution?

Decide number of moles of solute by volume of the solution in liters.


What is Colligative property?

Property if solutions that depend only upon number if solute particles not on their identity.


What is Freezing point depression?

Difference in temperature between freezing point of a solution and freezing point of pure solvent.


What is Boiling point elevation?

Difference in temperature between the boiling pony is a solution and the boiling point if the pure solvent.