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Location of the four narcotic vaults licensed with the DEA

-Station 1 310 N. Quince
-Station 2 421 N. Midway
-Station 5 2319 Felicita
-Station 7 1220 N. Ash


Narcotic daily inventory requirements

Form EMS 3.0E and 3.1E shall be filled out with both paramedics present after inspection of the containers and transfer of custody at shift change and whenever paramedic crew change occurs


What are the required contents of the DEA controlled drug accountability binder that must be kept at the vault

-A copy of the DEA license
-A copy of the current prescription for morphine&versed
-A copy of the controlled drug purchasing record sets
-The blue copies of form EMS 4.0 E and EMS 5.0 E if needed
-The pink copies of form EMS 4.1 E and EMS 5.1 E if needed


Narcotics with an expiration date labeled 5/11 expires on what day?

5/31/11 last day of that month


When should the EMS coordinator be notified about expiring narcotics?

When they are within one month of expiring


Is there any situation when you are allowed to exchange or transfer narcotics from unit to unit or vault to vault?

No (all unit restock or expired narcotic exchange must happen directly with a licensed vault)


What regulations/regulating body's dictate where we waste unused narcotics

California health and safety code/resource conservation and recovery act of 1976


When and where must we dispose of fun use narcotics

Any amount of unused narcotic must be disposed of in the approved controlled drug disposal container.


Procedure for wasting controlled drugs

Must be wasted in the presence of a witness and form EMS 5.0 E for Versed and EMS form 5.1 E for morphine shall be completed and attached to
EMS 4.0 E or form 4.1 E


When must a paramedic restock the controlled drugs by?

Within a reasonable period of time but must occur within eight hours or before any crew change occurs


On an engine company how close to expiration can a controlled drug be

Controlled drugs that are near 60 days from expiration shall be exchanged from a narcotic vault with one more distant


Three categories of transmission based precautions

-Contact precautions
-Droplet precautions
-Airborne precautions


Standard precautions

Standard precautions include a group of infection prevention practices that apply to all patients: hand hygiene, use of gloves, gown, mask, Eye protection, or face shield, depending on anticipated exposure; Respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette and safe injection practices


Escondido fire department mission statement

The mission of the Escondido fire department is to serve the public and to safeguard the community from the impact of fire, medical, and environmental emergencies through education, emergency services, and enforcement


What is required if there is any discrepancy between the controlled drug documentation and the actual inventory?

Immediate notification of the station captain, a written report in the form of a memo shall be submitted to the EMS chief at the time the discrepancies noted. It is the responsibility of the EMS chief to notify the Fire Chief and medical director as applicable


What documentation is required if a controlled drug container is damaged or broken?

Check the appropriate box on EMS 4.0 and 4.1 and document the facts regarding the broken container on the "other" line or in an attached memo


When should the EMS narcotics manager inventory the vaults?

As needed, whatever controlled drugs are received, and at least once a month. The inventory shall be recorded on EMS form 4.0 and 4.1


How long must controlled drug inventory forms be kept on site at the vault?

Seven years at the vault location and three years at admin


What are the primary units under the planning section?

Resources unit, situation unit, documentation unit, demobilization unit, technical specialists


Logistics section units

Communication unit, medical unit, food unit, supply unit, facilities unit, ground support unit.


Two branch organizational structure for logistics section

-Service branch to include communication unit, medical unit, food unit
-support branch to include supply unit, facilities unit, ground support unit.