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Name four sources for industry information

- Internet
- Unions
- Employers
- Training courses


Name the six related industries to hospitality

- Food manufacturer/ production
- Meetings, incentives, conferences and events
- Retail
- Entertainment and recreation
- Tourism and travel
- Wine production


Name the six sectors within the hospitality industry

- Accomodation
- Casinos
- Clubs
- Holiday parks and resorts
- Hotels
- Restaurants, cafes and catering


Name the ten departments in a hospitality establishment

- Accounts and finance
- Food and beverage
- Food production
- Front office
- Housekeeping
- Human resources
- Gaming
- Maintenance
- Sales and marketing
- Security


Name an example of how departments and sectors are interdependent

Accomodation relies on housekeeping, and casinos provide transportation to accomodation


Name another example of how departments and sectors are interdependent

Housekeeping must prepare the room in order for front office to know that it’s available for guest occupancy


Name four primary positions and their roles in the industry

- Wait staff- undertaking service of food and beverage
- Executive chef- oversee staff
- Account clerk- monitor income and expenditure
- Porter- assist with luggage


What are the characteristics of good customer service? (PACKET)

- Positive and professional
- Attentive and action
- Courteous and caring
- Knowledgable
- Enthusiastic
- Timely


Name two current issues, and implications they hold

- COVID 19- reduces customer base, hence income and need for employees
- Economic decline- caused by COVID 19


Name two current trends

- Use of technology to order
- Environmentally friendly- sourcing local ingredients


Recall the nine major legislations

- Food Act 2003
- Food Regulation 2010
- Food Safety Standards and the ANZFSC
- Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Conduct of Gaming/Gambling
- Local council regulations
- Local community protection
- Fair Trading Amendment Act 2010
- Fair Work System
- Privacy Act 1988


What is occupational licensing?

Form of government regulation requiring a license to engage in a particular profession for compensation


Name an example of occupational licensing

Obtaining a liquor license


What is quality assurance?

The practice of managing the standard of services and products of an organisation


How is quality assurance achieved?

Every employee must maintain quality


What may accreditation schemes be useful for?

Independent opinion for choosing a place to eat at/ work at


Name three accreditation schemes

- The Stars Rating Australia system
- Eco Friendly Star accreditation
- Scores on doors


What is the role of a code of conduct?

Set out the expectations of an establishment’s management for every staff member


Name five significant legal issues

- Anti-discrimination
- Privacy
- Hygiene
- Health and safety
- Equal Employment Opportunity


Name five significant ethical issues

- Confidentiality
- Tipping
- Commissions
- Pricing
- Overbooking


Why is compliance essential for hospitality industries?

It ensures a safe and ethical workplace


What is a career pathway?

The road an individual takes in their working life


Name a common career pathway, and define each stage

1. Apprenticeship
2. Commis chef
3. Chef De Partie- particular area
4. Sous chef- second in command
5. Executive chef


Name the aspects of full time employment

38 hours per week
Numerous entitlements- holiday leave and sick leave


Name the aspects of part time employment

Less than 38 hours per week
Predictable hours of work


Name the aspects of casual employment

Irregular employment
No entitlements


Name the aspects of contract employment

Specific period of time
Contract conditions vary


What's the difference between an award, agreement and contract

- Award- minimum rates and working conditions for
- Agreement- agreeing or coming to mutual arrangement
- Contract- employer contracts an individual employee


Name the role of a kitchen hand

Preparing and storing food, washing dishes and kitchen utensils, and cleaning work areas


List four tasks kitchen hands may engage in

- Sorting and disposing of rubbish
- Handling, sorting, storing and distributing food items
- Cleaning food preparation equipment
- Preparing food