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Preferential seating, computer access, and a one-on-one teaching assistant are examples of:

Supplemental Aids and Services


Edouard Seguin is known for:

The idea that students with disabilities could learn if provided a structured environment


The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, decision resulted in which of the following:

Separate cannot be equal


PARC stands for:

Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children


The "basis for all subsequent special education practice" is?

P.L. 94-142 Education of the Handicapped Act


Which groups of students are underrepresented in special education?



Mr. Edwards is a single dad whose son has recently been diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. He will begin kindergarten in the fall. Mr. Edwards knows that by law his son is entitled to specialized instruction, related services, and supplemental aids and services. Mr. Edwards and his son are guaranteed these rights by which provisions of IDEA?

Free and Appropriate Education


As Mrs. Vanstory read over the transcript of one of her new students, Audrey, she was amazed. Audrey had a long and colorful history of medication difficulties and multiple behavioral challenges. Mrs. Vanstory later called her close friend who was also a teacher (at another school) and proceeded to tell her Audrey's history. How did she violate the rights of both Audrey and her family?

Information regarding a student with a disability may not be shared with anyone who is not directly working with the student.


IDEA was most recently reauthorized in:



ADA stands for:

Americans with Disabilities Act


Which group is NOT eligible for services under IDEA?

Students with ADD or ADHD


Many young children with disabilities who receive services have milder needs related to:

Language development or motor skill development


Special education is affected by laws that guarantee the civil rights of children and adults. These two laws are:

Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990


Margaret is a fifth grader at Harrison Middle School. She has been in the AG (academically gifted) program for two years. She was recently identified as LD in math. What services is she eligible for?

She is entitled to a combination of enrichment (AG) and special education services


Students with ADHD, and students who are at risk for school failure,What groups of students are NOT specifically included in IDEA?

Students who are gifted


The responsibility to educate all students so that they can reach their potential

In the text, inclusion is the belief system that focuses on:


Inclusion is a belief that success will come when:

Discovering effective means for all students to learn together is taken seriously


Ms. Eddy has been teaching eighth grade for five years. She has learned that planning lessons to meet a wide range of diverse learners is the most effective and time efficient way to plan. Ms. Eddy is demonstrating which concept?

UDL (Universal Design for Learning)


Which of the following examples is NOT an example of assistive technology?
-Pencil Grip -Software
-Communication devices that "speak" words
-Mobility Services

Mobility services


Marty's dysfunctional behavior is so severe he is no longer able to learn alongside his peers. What would be the most appropriate intervention to decrease Marty's dysfunctional behavior?

Positive behavior supports


__________ is a critical issue related to parent participation?

Lack of time


Using family-centered practices and respecting the uniqueness of the families are examples of:

Strategies to encourage parent participation


What do Americans report as the biggest problems facing public schools?

Lack of discipline and control of students


Some professionals have argued that disciplinary procedures have been used as tools of discrimination against students with disabilities who:

Are from minority groups and live in poverty


According to NCLB, students for whom English is NOT their first language must be assessed using tests written in English after receiving how many consecutive years of instruction in U.S. schools?



True/False: Related services are only for individuals identified with low-incidence disabilities (e.g., mental retardation, autism).



True/False: Zero reject is one of the provisions of IDEA that includes students with communicable diseases such as AIDS.



True/False: Students with specific learning disabilities comprise the largest group receiving specialized education services.



True/False: Universal design originated in the field of architecture.



True/False: NCLB stipulates that 75 percent of all students in a state must participate in a yearly achievement testing, or the state is judged out of compliance with the law.