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What 3 components make up the female athlete triad?

energy availability, menstrual function, bone mineral density


What is the cornerstone of the 3 components of the female athlete triad?

energy availability


What is autonomic dysreflexia?

medical emergency! - uncontrolled sympathetic response precipitated by some noxious stimulus below the level of the SCI


Absolute contraindications to exercise during pregnancy? (8)

significant heart disease, restrictive lung disease, incompetent cervix, multiple gestation at risk for premature labor, presistent 2nd/3rd trimester bleeding, placenta previa, premature labor, ruptured membranes, pregnancy induced HTN


During pregnancy, what 2 positions should be avoided during exercise?

supine (causes obstruction of venous return and thus, decreased cardiac output); standing still motionless


What types of activities/sports are contraindicated during pregnancy?

horseback riding, skiing, scuba diving, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, exercise > 6000ft elevation


What is the difference b/w primary and secondary amenorrhea?

primary = delay of menses until after 15. Secondary = amonorrhea after the onset of menses


What is "boosting?"

Using autonomic dysreflexia to one's advantage. This practice is illegal.


What is pre-eclampsia?

Medical emergency! Characterized by high blood pressure and protein in urine. Pt may complain of swelling, sudden weight gain, HA, and vision changes. Occurs during pregnancy or postpartum, effects both mother and unborn child.


Best exercise types during pregnancy?

walking, jogging, low impact aerobics


When can golfer go back after TKA? Modifications?

20 weeks, use spikeless shoes and a cart


Degrees of elbow flexion to check UCL?

20-40 degrees


Imaging to detect SCFE?

Frog leg, plus A/P


What type of force causes brain injury after a collision?

rotational (as opposed to linear and acceleration)


What does a crackling sound on a phone line NOT indicate?

electrical activity


2 muscles that resist excessive anterior translation of the GH joint?

t-minor and infraspinatus


During prolonged, submax steady state exercise, there is a shift of bioenergetics use from ____ to ____

CHO shifting to protein and fat


Best x-ray view for identifying patellar instability? Best for fractures and DJD?

merchant view (45 degrees of knee flexion); sunrise view (115degrees of flexion)


What is the fat pad sign?

fat pad is more visible on x-ray and is indicative of intra-articular fx


Name 3 open procedures to address GH instability? How do these effect rehab compared to ATS surgery?

putti-platt, bristow-latarjet, open bankhart. With open repairs, there will be increased ROM restriction b/c subscap is detached and then re-attached during sx.


When should you refer pt with exercise induced asthma to ED?

>25 breath's/min


What does the SALTR mnemonic stand for?

Slipped, above (metaphyseal side), Lower (epiphyseal side), through (Meta + epi), rammed


What is the function of intrafusal muscle fibers?

detecting muscle's rate of change of length