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1. What are the 3 section called that CCDC contract forms are divided into?

1. Forms of Agreement between owner & contractor
3.general conditions


2. What must be attached to all printed electronic versions to show copy right has been maintained?

Sticker/seal from Grand valley association


3. Where would any negotiated agreements be included in the CCDC?

Supplementary conditions (part A-3:contract documents)


4. Who typically signs the CCDC?

Owner and Contractor


5. Who gets a copy of the signed CCDC contract?

1. Owner
2. Contractor
3. Consultant


6. How are words shown that are identified in the Definitions?

Capitalized and italicized


7. How is the contract between the owner and the consultant related to “Contract B” the CCDC?

There is a contract that the consultant signed with the owner before they began work which obligates them to perform the work of the contract documents during the project

They sign a separate agreement with the owner which obligates them to legally fulfill the role of consultant


8. If the consultant does not sign a contract with the contractor, how does the consultant have authority to act?

The consultant will have authority to act on behalf of the owner as long as it pertains to the contract documents.


9. What can happen if the consultant shows bias towards either the owner, or the contractor?

They get warnings and if they receive enough warnings, The consultant can lose their license


10. Where does the money come from that the contractor uses to pay for testing and inspection?

Cash allowance


11. When the owner hires people to do part of the contract work on site, outside the scope of the General Contractor and directs them on site, what does the owner effectively become?

The owner automatically becomes the contractor


12. Is the General Contractor entitled to a mark-up of overhead and profit on the Cash Allowance, or the Contingency Allowance?

Contingency allowance


13. If mould is found on site and it is proven to be a hazard through laboratory testing, who pays for its removal?

The owner, if it was found to be there before work started. If the hazard is caused by poor construction practices, the contractor would be held liable


14. What is a statutory Declaration?

A statutory declaration is a formal statement made in a prescribed way affirming that something is true to the best knowledge of the Declarant

GC would fill this out to swear they paid the subcontractors


15. Why do consultants ask for Statutory Declarations?

The consultants wants the Statutory Declarations to know that the subcontractor and the contractor are getting paid so that the consultant is not liable if something happens with the money


16. A statutory Declaration form must have (____________) applied to each and every completed form.

Date and Signature