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Developmental stuttering

Occurs in preschool aged children, particularly when tired or excited

Does not cause impairment or significant psychological distress

Self resolves if not given excessive attention


Definition of stuttering

Speech dysfluency involving repetition of sounds, syllables, and/or short words as well as pauses in speech timing.
Onset in preschool years


Abnormal stuttering

3 S's:
Six months or more
Six years or older
Situational avoidance d/t distress from stuttering


Signs that increase risk of persistent stuttering

Onset 4y or older
Family history
Sound and syllable repetition instead of phrase repetition
Blocks or physicial struggle with speech
Psychological distress 2/2 stuttering
Secondary signs accompanying stuttering (have flapping, throat clearing, eye blinking)


Stuttering prevalence

3:1 male preponderance
1% prepubertal, then 0.8%
4%-5% incidence of developmental stuttering in children aged 2-5y, 20% of which persists without intervention


Ddx fir stuttering

normal developmental dysfluency
Hearing impairment
Speech-motor delay


Management of stuttering

Mild: do not draw attention, exercise patience with speech

Refer to SLP for persistent stuttering or with significant impairment to communication or child/parental distress