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What AR covers Sponorship

Army regulation 600-8-8


What are the elements of the sponsorship program?

DA Form 5434, welcome letter, ACS relocation readiness services, reception, orientation, inprocessing


Who is required to participate (take part in) Sponsorship?

Every soldier in the ranks of private through colonel and civilian employees through grade 15, undergoing a pcs move, will be offered the opportunity to participate in the advance arrival sponsorship program.


Who is not required to undergo the sponsorship program?

Soldiers above the rank of colonel, civilian employees above grade 15, soldiers completing AIT and soldiers making pcs moves to long-term schools


How are sponsors trained?

Commanders will ensure sponsors are adequately trained to perform tasks related to sponsorship. Commanders may request a training support package or other assistance from ACS to train sponsors.


How are sponors selected?

Only those individuals who can represent the gaining unit or activity in a positive manner.


What form is used throughout the sponsorship program?

DA Form 5434


What electronically generated form is used in the sponsorship program?

DA Form 5434-E


How soon after the DA form 5434 is received should a sponsor be assigned?

10 Days unless the sponsorship is declined


Should there be a sponsorship program for a soldier departing a unit?



What is S-gate?

S-Gate provides information for incoming soldiers, including: pinpoint assignment, sponsor information, a welcome letter, a needs assessment checklist, and regulatory information