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What is a fixed practise?

Fixed practise is where the skill is practised over and over again until it is perfected


Example of fixed practise?

Serving in tennis


What is a variable practise?

Variable practise involves practising the skill in a variety of different situations so that it can be adapted to suit different competitive situations.


Example of variable practise?

Eg. In football where the game and conditions vary match to match


What is massed practise?

Where the skill is practised until it is learned, without taking a break - this type of practise is normally for athletes who are fit and experienced


What is distributed practise?

Where the skill is practised over several sessions or with rest breaks - this type of practise is usually for players of lower ability, fitness, or less experienced


What is an open skill?

Seen in sports where the situation is always changing. The player has to continually adapt to the situation.


What are closed skills?

Take place in a stable predictable environment and the player knows exactly what to do and when.


What is intrinsic feedback?

Comes from performer themselves, as they think about how they feel they have performed or what contribution they made to a team or game. This feedback may affect the motivation of the performer, so it is important that they feel they have performed well to keep motivation


What is extrinsic feedback?

Comes from an outside source. Eg. Teacher or coach. Important for performer as it will motivate them to improve and learn from their practise as well as to stay motivated with activity. Could also come from teammates, family, or friends.


What is concurrent feedback?

Given at the time of the performance - eg. From coach on the sideline during a match. This feedback can be acted on immediately.


What is terminal feedback?

Given at the end of a game or performance. This sort of feedback has the benefit of being more reflective and giving an overview of the whole performance.


What is a basic skill?

Is one that the player finds easy and needs little concentration to do. Eg. Side foot pass in football


What is a complex skill?

Needs players complete attention and concentration as it is technically difficult to perform. Eg. Smash in tennis. These meed to practiced over and over again so they become easier when in a competition


What is visual guidance?

Most common way to show you would be for the coach to give a demonstration or ask another learner to perform. Could also use posters, videos, pictures



Making something available on the market, or using something to make a profit


What is the 'golden triangle'

Refers to sport, media, business - three elements that are now inextricably linked im modern sport.