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Who was st Augustine

Was in the time period of Rome falling.
Originally rejected Christianity. Obsessed with sensual pleasures. Had a conversion at age 33. Became a bishop


Philosophical method

Faith and reason working together. Faith was before reason. Believed in a transcendent God. Salvation only by the grace of God. God knows your outcome
Believed in original sin


Differences from Plato

Humans are inherently sinful. Salvation by grace from a personal God.



God is perfect and all his creations are good
Evil is an absence of the good.
Humans have free will even though gods omniscient
Good souls choose spirit to flesh



Study of the nature of the divine or God.


Where did evil come from

Adam and Eve brought upon the original sin for all human beings.


St Augustine's solution to evil

Since human beings are created good but they're not God then they are not perfectly good. Evil is less good, absence of good.


Two cities

City of God-those who choose to live after the spirit. It is eternal. Realize that the eternal good is found in God
City of man-choose to live after the flesh. Seek goodness in the world instead of eternal goodness with God.
People who choose this earn punishment in hell for their error


Key Christian doctrines

Incarnation,original sin and reconciliation, resurrection and salvation,divine judgement