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Philosophy of China. Major figures are Lao tzu and chuang tzu. Confucianism and Taoism seek harmony and originate in a time of social disharmony
Return to natural behavior based upon Tao


What is Tao

Translated to the path or the way. Not nature, but nature based on Tao. Is impersonal yet a great force. Posses patterns and ultimately balance. Ultimate substance and essence of reality or existence. Everything is the Tao.


Yin and yang

Most prevalent pattern of Tao. Is the polarity. A timeless relationship seeking balance. We are yang by nature. Yin slightly favored
Yang- heaven,sun,male,hot,light,dry,active, hard
Yin-earth,moon,female, cool,dark, soft
Neither is better as there is no Irene's good or bad to life itself.
Patterns of reality is in constant flux yet always seeking balance


Nature illustrating Tao

Opposing forces in balance. Ex: seasons, light and dark, sun and rain, mountain and valley


Divine unfolding

Divided into forces forming the carried world we know.


Wu wei

Non action. Like water we are to follow the easiest path. Does no mean not doing anything but rather know and follow Tao so no unnatural action is taken.
Unnatural actions taxes the self and life causing imbalance disease and death



Power that serves from following Tao. Fountain filling and fulfilling the person we go lives by it



Too much effort, learning, planning, distinction, ego, passion, or yang.


5 models of Tao

1) water-formless humble long lasting nurturing
2) child-innocence simplicity openness non judge mental
3) un carved block- original capable natural undefined
4) yin- subtle quiet submissive
5) emptiness-free open receptive


The Taoist sage

Highest ideal in Taoism. Perfect being living by and through Tao. No mistakes- life as art. Not clouded with book learning but illuminated to the unseen force. Moral life of ease grace naturalness fulfillment


Chuang tzu

We are obsessed with labeling. Labels prevent comprehension of the Tao


Harmony with the Tao

Flow of the Tao is a release of creativity. Be free, lose anxieties, worries. Follow the way with awareness. Love spontaneously
Result is peace and contentment