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Matter is anything that has _________ and takes up ___________.

mass, space


Identify the best tool to use to measure the volume of a nail, rubber stopper, and clay.

Graduated Cylinder


The best tool to measure the weight of an object is a _____________.

Spring Scale


What are two tools that would be best to use to measure the volume of liquid.

Graduated cylinder, measuring cup


Gases have ____________, but do not have a _____________.

mass/volume, definite shape


If you add heat to a crayon and it melts it changes phases from a _____________ to a ______________.

Solids, liquid.


Sandy and Will want to investigate the temperature when water changes phases from a solid to a liquid. They need a ________________ and ___________ to do so.

Thermometer, heat source


What are two things that happen to water molecules when the molecules are heated from a solid to a liquid

Molecules move faster and move apart from each other


Liquids can be _____________ and they ____________.

poured, take on shape of their container


Air has ____________ and ____________.

Mass, Volume


To measure the volume of any irregularly shaped object you would place the object in a ______________ and measure the water displaced in __________________.

Graduated cylinder, milliliters