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How many people are currently homeless?

August 2017 - 8,270


Families entering into homelessness

Increased to 42% in 2017


Percent of people in emergency accommodation with children

1/3 of all people whom are homeless


How many people are sleeping rough?

138 in Dublin but likely to be more


Rates based on country-

Leitrim - zero in August 2017

Dublin - 3577


More likely people to become homeless

Young people-
81% of homeless young people are in emergency accommodation.
18% increase in 1 year.
1/3 of these are from Dublin and the (Greater Dublin area)


What are the needs for social housing currently?

Report published in December 2016.
Stated that 61,000 households qualified for social housing.
1/5 on the list for over 5 years.
Social housing strategy estimated that - 35,373 households on the list are in severe need of a home.
(Lund,2017) - Ref