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Define homelessness

Difficult to define due to the different types.
"Homelessness is defined as an individual who (lacks housing) with regard to whether the individual is a member of the family, even if a resident of a shelter, which provides temporary living accommodation & an individual of transitional housing".

Ref- DUKELOW 2017


Types of homelessness

1. Visible homelessness: sleeping rough, sleeping in designated emergency accommodation such as a hotel.
2. Hidden homelessness: staying with relatives, remaining in institutional care.
3. At risk: at risk but not currently, due to economic, violence, or threats. .
4. Sleeping rough: not in contact with any emergency services, sleeping on the streets. Often not accounted for in CSO.


Causes of homelessness:

1. Structural: poverty, unemployment, lack of good quality, affordable housing. Increased due to recession.
2. Institutional: people leaving care and mental health facilities unable to keep up a home.
3. Relationship: abusive relationships or family breakdown.
4. Personal: mental illness, learning difficulties, addictions.