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The way home - strategy to address adult homelessness (2008-2013)

Published in 2008.
Set out to end homelessness by 2016.
National implementation plan.
Implemented an housing led approach.
February 2013 - government issued the homeless policy statement.

Aim- aims to have long term secure housing with social supports if necessary. They hope that with the explicit recognition of the housing led approach there will be more policies implemented in order to overcome it.


Implementation plan on the states response to homelessness.

1. Accomodates rough sleepers, eliminates the need to sleep rough.
2. Managing the rising amount of homeless families in urban areas.
3. Management and use of vacant properties.
4. Practical allocation of local authority housing allocation.


Rebuilding Ireland

July 2016.
By Simon coveney.
Plans to spend over €5 billion on social housing over the next 5 years.
Only wants hotels to be used in limited circumstance.
New social housing units would be in 'mixed tenure'.
Set out an aim of building 25,000 new houses a year by 2020.


Rebuilding Ireland - what did coveney say?

'Social housing would be placed in areas where people own there own homes outright. Housing plans was one of the major projects announced in the programme for government.'

'In the next 5 years we are going to provide about 50,000 more social housing for our people'


Rebuilding Ireland - 5 pillar approach:

1. Addressing homelessness: Providing early solutions, elective supports, minimise the incident of rough sleeping, and enhances state supports.
2. Accelerate social housing: increases level and speed of delivery of social housing.
3. Building: build more affordable homes.
4. Improve rental sector: address obstacles of affordable rents.
5. Utilise existing housing: renew housing in urban and rural areas.