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Name two types of Psychological methods of Stress Management

> Stress Inoculation Training > Hardiness Training


Who created Stress Inoculation Training? (SIT)



What did Meichenbaum do?

He created this therapy because he believed that someone can inoculate themselves against the cause of stress.


Name the 3 parts of SIT

  1. Conceptualisation phase
  2. Skills acquisition phase
  3. Application phase


What happens in the Conceptualisation phase?

The Client and therapist have an interview and they are taught about the nature and impacts of stress. They are then taught about how to view threats as problems to be solved and to break down these stressors.


What happens in the Skills Acquisition phase?

In this phase the clients are taught skills to help cope with the problem e.g. thinking positively, relaxation, social skills etc.


What happens in the Applications phase

Everything that the patient has been taught will be put into motion, in a real life simulation where the stressor is present and they will use the skills they were taught to overcome the stressful situations.


Name the Strengths of SIT

>  Meichenbaum compared SIT to Systematic Desensitisation and found that SIT was better in dealing with Phobias because it helped the client deal with a second non treated phobia. 

> A major advantage of this method is that it will also help you deal with future stressors.


Name the Weaknesses of SIT

> This method is very time consuming and requires high motivation

> The range of activities of this method can be reduced and still be just as effective.


What is Hardiness Training?

Hardiness Training is when you increase self confidence and sense of control so that the patients can adpat to stressful situations better.


Who created Hardiness Training?

Maddi and Kobasa