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waiters should

always greet guests in a friendly manner address them in their preferred language
escort customers to their table walk ahead of customers make sure that they follow you
seat the guests
always seat ladies before men


present the menu

carry the menu flat part of your left arm
open the menu top using your right-hand
does not take the menu place menu on the table
ensure that you place the menu close to the guest
ensure you are familiar with the menu
preparation methods cooking times dishes menu
after guest received a copy menu suggest items that do not appear on the menu variations to the menu items


taking orders

sommelier, there is one presents the wine list
take orders as soon as possible after the guest is seated
assist guests in making their selections by explaining ingredients, an appearance of various cocktails.


removing unused covers

extra cutlery removed cover by cover and placed on the side plate with a folded napkin
first place the folded napkin
repeat the process until all unused covers are removed.


serving drinks

arrange drinks tray in a sequence that corresponds with the order in which guests are seated
carry the drinks tray to the table
serve the drinks sequentially around the table
move around the table in an anti-clockwise direction.
always serve the host last
place each drink to the right of the guest's wine glass


serving bread

bread in some form is usually served as soon as guests have placed their order for drinks
bread in a basket or served individually
carry both the basket the butter dish in the left hand


presenting food

present plates and plates containing food
present soup plates or cups containing soup
present tea or coffee or other drinks
remove used plates glasses and cups


general service rules

serve ladies first host or hostess last
serve food anti-clockwise
always carry cutlery or on a plate and cover it with a serving cloth or serviette


spilled food

soilds: picked up by using fork or spoon placed on plate do not use your fingers.


beverages or liquid food

remove cutlery from spill
pat dry using service cloth
napkin under tablecloth clean napkin and stain.
replace cutlery
clean service cloth
tablecloth badly stained remove it and set table from scratch


clearing the table

the whole table must be cleared as soon as guests have finished eating a specific course.
guests indicate have finished by placing their cutlery side by side on their plates.
must be alert to signs from the table that indicates that all guests have finished eating.


serving tea or coffee.

coffee served after the meal. served after everybody finished their meal. coffee is served in a small cup and saucer.
served from the right side of the guest same manner as the traditional method.
a modern method of serving coffee hold the coffee pot in one hand and milk jug in the other hand.


the traditional method of serving coffee.

the waiter asks guests if prefer hot or cold milk.
place coffee cup, saucer and coffee spoon to the right of each customer.
handle of cup point in the direction of customers right hand.
ensure that coffee is hot not boiling
milk is only served on request,


table d'hote menu

a set menu with a fixed number of courses that can consist of different choices.


`a la carte menu

a menu in which all the dishes are individually priced- customers can pick and choose their own menu



means meat that meat has been slaughtered and prepared according to their religion.



means that the animals have been slaughtered and prepared according to religious laws.