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What are subject pronouns?

A subject prounoun is what the name implies, a pronoun that takes the place of a noun as the subject in a sentence. The subject in the sentence is the noun (person, place, thing, idea) that performs the action of the verb. 

They are as follows:

Singular                   Plural

I                                 We

You                            You all

He, She, It                 They


What about the subject pronouns in Spanish?

It is the same concept. But the pronouns, obviously, are different:

Singular                   Plural

yo                             nosotros, nosotras

tú                              vosotros, vosotras

usted                        ustedes

él                               ellos

ella                             ellas



What is the difference between 

and usted?

They both mean you in English. In Spanish, tú is informal. Use it when you speak to your peers, people younger than you, your sibblings. Usted is formal. Use it when you talk to people of authority; people older than you, like your teachers. 


What about vosotros, vosotras?

Vosotros and vosotras are the plural of , but we won't use them in class. They do not appear on your practice activities nor are they part of the higher levels of Spanish nor the AP exam. It is good to know what they mean. Also, if you ever go to Spain, you can use the ustedes form. They will understand you and won't look funny at you. I promise. 


Is there a difference between nosotros and nosotras?


nosotros = masculine or a mixed group


nosotras = feminine


What pronound would you use TO

talk to your best fried?

You would use tú.


What subject pronoun would you use to 

talk about your friend?

if my friend is male, I would use él

if my friend is female, I would use ella


What is the difference between 

tú and usted?

tú  is informal

usted is formal 

they both mean you


What is the plural form of tú?

What is the plural form of usted?

tú > vosotros, vosotras


used > ustedes


How many categories and how many groups are there

in the subject pronouns?

Two categories = singular and plural

six groups =      first person singular

                          second person singular

                           third person singular

                           first person plural

                           second person plura

                          third person plural



What subject pronouns are 

in the first person?

first person singular  = yo

first person plural      = nosotros, nosotras


Give the subject pronouns for the second person.

second person singular = tú, usted


second person plural     = vosotros, vosotras, ustedes


Give the subject pronouns for the 

third person.

third person singular = él, ella

third person plural     =  ellos, ellas