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Define a cystotomy

Incision into the bladder


Define a nephrectomy

Removal of a kidney


Define a nephrotomy

Incision into the kidney


Define a urethrostomy

Permanent opening into the urethra


Define a urethorotomy

Incision into the urethra (temporary)


Define a ureteronephrectomy

Removal of the ureter and kidney


When might a cystotomy be done?

Removal of tumours

Removal of urinary calculi


Describe pre-opcare for a cystotomy

Blocked urethra = distend abdomen, post renal uraemia, hyperkalaemia

Hyperkalaemia can lead to cardiac arrhythmias, fluid and electrolyte imbalance

Uroabdomen sees uraemia, dehydration, hypovolaemia and hyperkalaemia. If not treated these animals will die

Mild to moderately dehydrated, 0.9% sodium chloride infused

Perioperative antibiotics


Describe intraoperative care for a cystotomy

IV fluids to correct hydration and maintain normovolaemia

ECG trace


Describe surgical prep for a cystotomy

Catheterization of the bladder may be initially requested

Preparation of the abdomen for a midline incision


Describe how a cystotomy takes place

The bladder is located and exteriorized, via a midline incision

The abdomen is packed off prior to the incision being made into the bladder wall

Stay sutures are placed to assist with handling the bladder. The incision into the bladder is made on the ventral surface

Removal of a Bladder stone etc

Bladder wall is closed using two layers of sutures

Abdominal Lavage may be indicated


Describe post operative care for a cystotomy

Monitoring of urination is essential –

Animals should be given ample opportunity to urinate to avoid pressure being put on the sutures

Intravenous fluids may be indicated

Monitor for signs of leakage from the bladder –

No case should be discharged without passing urine normally