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What is the discussion of sustainable tourism about?

Being able to ensure that the impacts of tourism are mitigated so that the environment is protected and therefore the demand for tourism is maintained for many more years.


How can tourism damage the environment?

Waste and rubbish
Over use of energy and resources


What is the case study for sustainable tourism?

Cornwall and Bedruthan Steps Hotel


What environmental aspects of Cornwall are economically important to tourism?

Landscape and ecosystems


Where is Bethrudan Spa Hotel located?

North coast of Cornwall


What are the two methods that Bethrudan Spa Hotel has introduced to try and reduce the impacts of tourism?

Reducing the Hotels carbon footprint
Waste reduction schemes


What are 6 ways that Bethrudan Spa Hotel has tried to reduce its carbon footprint but also ensure economic sustainability?

1) Tap Aerators (Reduce amount of water used but are luxurious)
2) Toilet flush systems that use less water or recycled rainwater (Greatly saves water)
3) Sensory light systems (Reduces electricity consumption)
4) Towels and bed sheets only washed on demand (Saves water and electricity)
5) Heat capturing schemes (Reduces water and electricity)
6) Mood lighting (Reduced electricity and improves guest experience)


What are 4 waste reduction schemes introduced by Bedruthan Spa Hotel?

1) Recycling Schemes
2) Seven compost bins
3) Pre order food to reduce waste
4) Reduced packaging


What are 4 benefits of the initiates taken by Bedruthan Spa?

1) Reduced long term costs and maximised profits
2) Preserved environment and therefore demand
3) Improved staff work rate
4) Enhanced hotel reputation due to awards