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What is responsible for the formation of CSF? Explain the path CSF takes to the sub-arachnoid space and the different names of each location.

Choroid Plexus makes CSF
Lateral Ventricle -> Intraventricular Foramen (Foramen of Monroe) -> 3rd Ventricle -> Cerebral Aqueduct (Sylvian Aqueduct) -> 4th Ventricle -> Foramina of Luschka and Magendie -> Sub-Arachnoid space


When an antibody OPSONIZES an antigen, what happens next?

Opsonization -> Phagocytosis
(Can lead to Complement fixation later as well as MHC presentation after phagocytosis, but associate opsonization with immediate phagocytosis)


What is the difference between Neurofibromatosis Type 1 and Neurofibromatosis Type 2?

Type 1: + Lisch Nodules and Cafe Au Lait spots
Type 2: NO LISCH NODULES or CAFE AU LAIT. May develop PSC.


What supplements have been shown to work as prophylaxis of migraines?

Coenzyme Q10


What systemic conditions is CHRPE associated with?

Gardner's Syndrome (FAP)
Turcot's Syndrome


What Systolic and Diastolic values constitute a hypertensive crisis?

Systolic -> Above 180
Diastolic -> Above 120