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What does an orthopaedic procedure refer to?

  • encompasses the repair of fractures, the reduction of dislocations and the correction of growth and congenital abnormalities of the skeleton.
  • Orthopaedic procedures may be carried out on limbs, pelvis, facial or spinal parts of the skeleton


A fracture may be temporarily stabilished by a ....

splint or robert jones bandage


How should you care for a compound fracture pre-op?

  • exposed tissue and bone should be covered w/ gauze swabs moistened w/ sterile saline
  • antibiotics may be admin


How do you prepare and position an animal for limb surgery?

  • clip hair off entire leg except for foot
    -may also need epidural clip
  • foot is bandaged and covered with a sterile drape or bandage. May have stirrup for hanging
  • positioned on side w/ injured limb uppermost
  • during prep, limb is suspended away from body


What is an exploratory laparotomy?

  • means to make a temporary opening into the abdomen.
  • It is performed by the veterinarian when an operable disease of the abdominal organs is suspected, or to examine the abdominal contents and take biopsies from one or more of the abdominal organs.


How would you prepare an animal for perineal surgery?

  • clip
  • enema
  • express anal glands
  • purse string
  • positioned in sternal recumbency
  • sometimes epidural