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3 strengths

- Attacking positioning
- Awareness of strengths/weaknesses of other players
- Defensive Positioning


3 weaknesses

- When to pass/shoot/dribble
- Man to man marking
- Which pass to make


Attacking positioning - points (Strength 1)

- Switching positions with teammates is harder to defend
- Split final third into 3 boxes across pitch -> develop team based strategy
- 2 CMs must not be too close to cover enough distance, close enough to pass to


Awareness of strengths/weaknesses - points (Strength 2)

- Analyse play of direct opponent
- Capitalise on weaknesses, limit strengths


Defensive positioning on field - points (Strength 3)

- Maintain rigid structure
- Communicate for maximum effectiveness
- Track runners and work together when doing so
- Wide players track back to aid defence


Attacking positioning - impact (Strength 1)

- Can create more space for himself and teammates
- Easier to create attempts on goal and breakdown defence


Awareness of strengths/weaknesses - impact (Strength 2)

- Can take advantage of this knowledge in- game
- Minimise opportunity for other player to show strengths
- Create strategies to counter the strengths


Defensive positioning - impact (Strength 3)

- Can relieve pressure on defence if positioned correctly
- Pick up late attacking runs from the midfield
- Make sure defence isn't outnumbered
- Float as spare man (anticipate)


Attacking positioning - content links (Strength 1)

- Social facilitation increases (Influence of people watching)
- Extrovert personality -> seeks excitement in attack


Awareness of strengths/weaknesses - content links (Strength 2)

- Evolution of sport (satellite TV) -> pundits/analysts -> show skills for how to analyse players


Defensive positioning - content links (Strength 3)

- Multi-store Memory Model (Atkinson & Shiffrin's) -> Rehearse defensive strategies in training, remember them in game (Long term memory)


When to pass/shoot/dribble - points (Weakness 1)

- Pass to players in more space/ closer to oppo goal etc..
- Only shoot if open and in & around box
- Only dribble if there is space
- Only tackle if you can win ball back


Man to man marking -points (Weakness 2)

- Stay on balls of feet to move quicker when tracking runs
- Must stay with man until danger is gone


Which pass to make - points (Weakness 3)

- Make the best pass for the team, not for the player
- Short quick passes in attack (triangles)
- Long ball to start counter attack


When to pass/shoot/dribble - impact (Weakness 1)

- Playing wrong pass means team loses possession
- Create tension between team if always giving ball away (storming phase)


Man to man marking - impact (Weakness 2)

- More likely to concede from set pieces
- Other team could put bigger players around him from crosses


Which pass to make - Impact (Weakness 3)

- Wanting to play perfect pass, with teammates in better positions
- Put team in danger if wrong pass played when should be clearing ball


When to pass/shoot/dribble - Content link (Weakness 1)

- Lack of cognitive stress management -> lack of rational thinking -> make incorrect decisions by not thinking logically


Man to man marking - Content link (Weakness 2)

- Poor diet -> lack of glycogen stores -> not enough fuel to produce ATP so cannot keep up with players


Which pass to make - Content Links (Weakness 3)

- Cue Utilisation Theory -> arousal is past optimal level, perceptual narrowing does not take place -> too many options to focus on