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1. Know the types of letters (Pastoral/ Prison/ General/ Pauline)

A. Church Letters: 1&2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 &1 Thessalonians
B. Pastoral Letters: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon
C. Prison Letters: Ephesians, Philippians, Philemon


2. Which missionary journey Paul visited Nicopolis? 1st, 2nd, or 3rd 4th? (1 Timothy Slide 13)

A. 4th


3. The City, Ephesus, is famous for what (Ephesus PPT slide 3)

A. Temple of Artemis


4. The City located at a seaport and is the primary banking center of Asia Minor. * Ephesus PPT 3)

A. Ephesus


5. A city near the Eastern and of the Egnatian Way

A. Philippi


6. How many times Timothy is identified in the NT? (1Timothy Slide 1)

A. 25 times


7. The definition of syncretism ( Colossians PPT slide 11)

A. The incorporation of non-Christian theologies into the foundational truths of Biblical faith with the specific intention to weaken faith and impose a lifestyle that diminishes holy living.”


8. Some believe this letter is the mission letter to the Laodiceans. Which letter? (Ephesians PPT slide 9)

A. Ephesians


9. In Colossians the Deity of Christ is contrasted with what

A. Syncretic Heresy


10. A city of Phrygia (Colossae) (Colossians PPT slide 7)

A. A city of Phrygia (Asia Minor)
B. 100 miles east of Ephesus
C. Prominent city prior Greek period
D. Prone to earthquakes
E. Prior to Roman Conquest
F. Insignificant Market town when Paul wrote.


11. The theme of the book of Philemon (Philemon PPT slide 1)

A. Restoration


12. The theme of the books of 1st & 2nd Thessalonians (slides 5 and 11)

A. 1St Thanksgiving for Endurance
B. 2nd Eschatology


13. In Galatians what is the part missing in letter structure? (Galatians PPT slide 7)

A. Structure
i. Salutation
ii. Sender
iii. Recipient
iv. Greeting

B. “Greeting” [chairen] – Acts 15:23; 23:26; James 1:1
C. Jewish greeting would be shalom or peace
D. Paul gives a very unique greeting: “Grace and Peace”


14. A significant theme in Philippians (Phil. PPT slide 7)

A. Thank-you note; joy (Notes: JOY and THANKSGIVING to fellow believers)


15. A letter called the cornerstone of the Protestant reformation (Galatians PPT slide 10)

A. Galatians


16. The 2 major themes in Ephesians (Ephesians PPT slide 12)

A. Unity of the Church; Power


17. The theme of 1st Timothy (1&2 Timothy PPT slide 20)

A. Stop the False Teachers!


18. Onesimus= Useful Philemon PPT slides 2-5)

A. What was Paul’s connection to Onesimus? (10-11)
• 10-11) Was saved under Paul’s ministry. Previously not useful to Philemon but now so to Philemon and Paul
B. What did Paul propose? (12-18)
• (12-18) Welcome him back as a brother not a slave. If he owes anything Paul will pay
C. What kind of response did he seek? (20-22)
• 20-22) A favorable one
D. Christ has transcended social boundaries and natural relationships. Forgiveness and love is the evidence that extends to others as one is restored to Christ: Paul, Philemon, Onesimus.

E. Onesimus, the useless one, saved and forgiven, is now useful to Christ, Paul and to Philemon.
F. 50 years later the church father Ignatius is on his way to Rome to die. On his journey, he takes time to write to believers in Ephesus. In this letter he identifies Onesimus as the bishop of Ephesus.
G. “I received therefore your numerous body in the name of God in the person of Onesimus, whose love surpasses words, who is, besides, in the flesh your bishop. I pray that you may love him with a love according to Jesus Christ, and that you may all be like him. For blessed is He Who granted unto you, worthy as you are, to possess such a bishop.”
H. From slave to bishop


19. The city that was prone to earthquakes (Colossians PPT slide 7)

A. Colossae


20. In 2nd Thessalonians Paul told the believers that when Jesus comes again what would happen to all unbelievers? (Thessalonians PPT slide 14 notes)

A. 1:6-10 everlasting destruction for nonbelievers; marvel at the glory of the Lord for believers


21. What does it say about the day of the Lord in 1st Thessalonians? ( Thes PPT slide 8 notes)

• 1:9-10 Jesus coming from heaven; he rescues us from coming wrath
• 2:19 “our Lord Jesus when he comes”
• 3:13 “when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones”
• 4:14-18 The Lord will come with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. The dead in Christ will rise first; those living will be caught up with them. We will be with the Lord forever. [Source of rapture theology]
• 5:1-11 like a thief in the night; be alert
• 5:23 at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ


22. The purpose of the book of Galatians (Galatians PPT slide 22)

A. Deserting the “one who called you” (1:6)
i. Came through Paul from Christ (1:12)
ii. Same gospel preached by others (2:7)
B. Following a different gospel (1:6-7 (no gospel))
i. Any other gospel brought by others are to be cursed (1:8)
C. Verifying his authority to be an apostle (1:11-21)
D. Relation between grace and law (3:1-4:7)
E. Christian Life (5-6)
F. Paul insisted salvation by grace alone and not works (circumcision and observing law of Moses)
**** Paul Insisted salvation is by grace alone and not by works****


23. The man who was called our dear fellow servant, one of you and fellow prisoner in Colossians (Colossians PPT slide 8)

A. Epaphras


24. In Ephesians 5 it mentioned a high view of what (Ephesians PPT slide 14)

A. Marriage


25. A man who went from being a slave to being a bishop according to St. Ignatius (Philemon PPT slide 5)

A. Onesimus


26. The definition of Eschatology

A. The study of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind


27. Timothy’s parents (Timothy PPT slide 5)

A. His father was Greek
B. His mother was a Jewish believer


28. What is Circular letter? (Ephesians PPT slide 12)

A. Meant to be shared among several churches


29. The Fruit of the Spirit and Vices

A. Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law
B. Vices are: Hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambitions, dissensions, Fractions. And envy.


30. List 5 places that are likely to have been on the 4th Journey (Timothy PPT slide 18)

A. Rome (released from house arrest)
B. Spain
C. Crete
D. Miletus
E. Colossae
F. Philippi
G. Nicopolis
H. Rome


31. List 7 things you know about Timothy (Timothy PPT slides 5-6)

1. He was a disciple from Lystra
2. His father was Greek
3. His mother was a Jewish believer
4. He was well spoken of in Lystra and Iconium
5. He was circumcised by Paul to take him along
6. Visiting synagogues
7. Remained with Silas in Berea to calm events
8. Went ahead of Paul to Troas
9. Paul’s Co-worker
10. Met up with Paul in Corinth


32. Three elements in Ephesians were unique

A. Teachings
B. Author
C. Destination of Ephesians


33. Describe the components of the Colossian Heresy (Syncretism) (Colossians PPT slide 13)

A. Jewish element – legalism, ritualism, observance of holy days (2:11-14, 16-17)
B. Pagan element – human philosophy, worship of angels, asceticism (2:8, 16-23)
C. Christian” element – gave Christ a place but not the supreme place (2:9-10)


34. Why we learn that there might have been a 4th missionary journey? (Timothy PPT slide 13 notes)

A. Titus 1:5 may suggest this as he leaves Titus there [not in Acts]
B. 2. Titus 3:12, Paul is in Nicopolis (west coast of Achaia) [not in Acts]
C. Titus to Dalmatia (2 Tim 4:10), north west of Macedonia [not in Acts]
D. Demas is gone: 2 Timothy 4:10 vs Philemon 24 (but with him in prison]
E. After Acts 28, he is released and travels