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In your textbook it claims James establishes a close link between belief and?



In your textbook the clearest sociological emphasis in James is on?

Economic justice


According to your textbook where was Titus ministering when Paul wrote to him?

Overseeing several other pastors on the island of Crete


One word “doulos” know all about it.

Doulos – Bond Servant


Definitions of bond servant.

• One who freely gives his life over to the master
• One who bears the mark(s) of servanthood
• One who lives on behalf of the master
• One who represents, in all details, the master
One who declares “servant for life” to the master


Know the themes and major focus of each book.

2 Timothy – Reflections and Sufferings
Titus – My notes say that it is the same as Timothy (Lexxie) In the Power Point it says something about teaching. I know it has to do with appointing elders as well
Hebrews - The superiority of Jesus Christ (“better,” “greater,” “superior,” “more” …)
James - Practical Exhortations & Wisdom for Holy Living


Know what book was wisdom Literature in the NT.



Command of Greek Rhetoric

the system of oral argument to persuade one to the other aide. (PP #56-57)



Exordium - Hook
Persuasion - Book
Peroration - Look
Paraenesis - Took


Know when each book was written

2 Timothy – 66 AD -Written in Maritime Prison
Titus – Early 60 AD – There is nothing in the PowerPoints or the book I would say that this is a good assumption as it seems to be have written around the same time is Timothy (Lexxie)
Hebrews – before 70 AD (at the time of Nero’s persecution around 64 AD?)
James – 45 – 62 AD


Know the OT characters mentioned in Hebrews and why



Know the author for each book

2 Timothy – Paul
Titus – Paul
Hebrews – Unknown – God Knows
James – James brother of Jesus


Know the recipients of the various books

2 Timothy – Paul to Timothy, this should be correct (Lexxie)
Titus – The Rulers – pastors This should be Paul to Titus, it is about the rulers but addressed to Titus
Hebrews – Hellenistic Jewish Christian
James – the twelve tribes in the Diaspora, Jewish Christians in Palestine


Know the information given about the general epistles – pp 53

• Hebrews through Jude
• Longest to shortest
• To a general audience (some more specific)
• After Hebrews, title indicates author, not recipient
• Common topics:
– Support through persecution, suffering
– Encouragement for holy living
– Warnings about false teaching


What books are missing parts of the ancient letter format or if they don’t follow it at all

2 timothy – Follows the Ancient letter format
Titus – Missing Thanksgiving and prayer
Hebrews – Hebrews does not follow the letter formation and is more a sermon – lacks the Pauline greeting
James – Opening, Author identified, Recipient – very general, Greeting – brief, standard
Thanksgiving – missing, Closing – no personal greetings or farewell


Know the instructions Paul gave Titus

Organize - put in order what was left unfinished
Expand - and appoint elders in every town, as I directed you.”
Teach - Must teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine


Know the aspects of wisdom – Needs to be compared

Three main points:
• Right Heart – Orthopathy
• Right thinking – Orthodoxy
• Right Behavior – Orthopraxis


Know what the books say about leadership both pastoral and lay

2 Timothy – Must flee youthful lusts and quarrels, replacing them with Christian virtues that will facilitate effective pastoral leadership – but times are perilous with religious deceivers poised to take advantage of the unwary. You can overcome their threat through the apostolic example and teaching, through faith, and through attention to scriptures
Titus –Refute those who are misleading (opposing Christian message) Keep the word of God from being taught in a negative manner – keep it attractive. Blameless, not over bearing, not quick tempered, not given to drunkenness, not violent, not pursuing dishonest gain.
Hebrews – For Hebrews, in my notes I have encouragement for Holy living and warnings about false teaching as common topics. I would say that these are things that pastoral and lay people should know (Lexxie) this is a general epistal
James – James deals with taming the tongue in all types of situations. I would count this as what Lay and pastoral leaders need to know. (Lexxie) also this is a general epistle
The Pastoral Epistles – deal with pastoral matters involving the care of should and the orderly conduct of God’s people in the church as well as the world


Know which books are not in letter format and what format they are in

Hebrews – Sermonic Epistle (this is correct Lexxie)


Know where the various people in the pastoral epistles were ministering -Book - 317

*The pastoral epistles are 1&2 Timothy & Titus
• Crete
• Rome
• Ephesus
• Macedonia
• Miletus
• Corinth
• Spain
• Troas
• Nicopolis


Marten Luther said about the book of James –

“eyn rechte stroern Epistel” – A rather strawy Letter
Again please make sure you read your textbook on the Pastoral Epistles especially