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Who is the Author of Acts?



The primary language of Hellenism

Koine Greek, or common Greek


Who was the replacement for Judas and how?

Matthias- casting lots

Jesus knew Matthias and love him.
Matthias was there from the beginning of Jesus ministry.
Matthias was sold out for Jesus.
When others left, he didn’t
Could be a possibility that he was one of the 70


The Lord sent a man to find Paul on Straight Street in Damascus. Who is he?


A disciple, Paul had a vision of a man named Ananias coming to lay hands on him to regain his vision.


What are the 4 levels of belief?

1. Jew: faith, belief, obedience
2. Proselyte: faith, obedience
3. God-fearer: faith
4. Gentile (pagan)


Gamaliel told the Sanhedrin to leave the apostles alone. Why?

If they killed the men themselves opposing the will of God. But to leave it alone mean that if it isn't God's will then it will not last.


Reason for many Hellenistic Jews living in Jerusalem. How does this impact the church?

They would come back to Jerusalem to be buried.
This left many widows. Synagogue provision for widows was carried over to the church which also resulted in church growth.


Death of Stephen

Opposition arose against Stephen.
People were paid to testify against him.
Stephen was brought before the Sanhedrin.
Calls the Jews stiff necked people.
The stone him.

Stephen/ Jesus Death comparison:
False witnesses
Charge of blasphemy
Forgive executioners
Receive my spirit


Who was the King who was eaten by worms and died?

Herod Agrippa


Paul's partner on his 1st missionary journey



Place that Paul contends with a sorcerer and blinds him



Name of town Saul's name changed to Paul



The Greek god that Paul was identified as in Lystra



The first place in Paul's 1st missionary journey



When Saul met Jesus in Acts 9

Meets him in a flash of light, hears his voice and is blinded- while traveling to Damascus to take prisoners


How does Peter become a leader of the Apostles?

Deffacto leader:
Paul's forceful character, natural leader


A man who Philip met on the road to Gaza

Ethiopian Eunuch


What is the town Tarsus famous for?

Cilicium- water proof goats hair


How can Paul be a Roman citizen?

born in a Roman city/ born a citizen


What are the privileges and duties of being a Roman citizen?

Liable to Roman laws and civic duties,
Fair public trial, Exempt from certain forms of punishment, Protection against quick execution


OT characters that Stephen speaks about

Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph


Name of the people who were killed by God in Acts 5 and why?

Ananias and Sapphire, because they lied about the amount of money they recieved from selling land


What are the labels that Peter uses for Jesus in Acts 3?

Christ, Messiah, Holy and Righteous One, Servant


Why Peter and John were arrested in Acts 4?

for preaching at the Temple


The actual name of the gate called beautiful

Nicanor Gate


Recipients of the book of Acts



The reason of no needy people among the Christians in Jerusalem in Acts 4

They sold their possessions and shared everything among each other.


What did the disciples do while waiting for the Holy Spirit?

Recieved their commission

saw Christ go into heaven

Persevered together in prayer

Replaced Judas and Matthias


People brought their sick to the street of Jerusalem and hoped for something in Acts 5

For Peter shadow to fall on them and heal them


What were the qualifications of those people who distributed food to widows in Acts 6

Men known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom


Were the speeches in Acts a VERBATIM account?

Most likely not
They have phrases like "with many words"
Luke was not always present and recording was not a thing
BUT: reliable summaries


Paul and Peter

Peter goes to the Jews, Paul goes to the Gentiles. Paul travels more. Follows them both through most of their known lives. We hear about their companions, where they travel, who they speak to, their persecution, and miracles they perform.


Social Honor and Ethical Honor

a. To have honor is to have worth, based on the power you can gain and hold, based on the family/nation you are born into or the name you have and are known for, ascribed vs. acquired, it is social acknowledgement of your worth. You can only challenge an equal, it is hard to move up the ranks, must choose allegiance

b. Social honor is above ethical honor, you can lie and cheat those that are lower than you, being called a liar is a dishonor and you do not shame others

c. Power, sexual status, religion


Social class (Jews, non-Jews and Gentiles)

a. Priests

b. Levites

c. Full blooded Israelites

d. Illegal children of priests

e. Proselytes

f. Gentile Converts

g. Proselytes who once were slaves (freemen)

h. Children (Incestuous, adultery, prostitutes, then orphans, then those unable to have kids or made eunuchs by men)

i. Eunuchs (born that way)

j. Gentiles and non-Jews


Know the Cause and Effect Channel

a. Martyrdom____ persecution

b. Persecution_____ dispersion

c. Dispersion_____ evangelism