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How do literature, art, and other forms of media influence our daily lives?

They reflect, reinforce, and subvert dominant ideologies and systems


What does "soothing the masses" mean?

Energy and opposition of the status quo are redirected; don't listen to/believe what the media tells you


What is the gatekeeping theory?

The process where information is filtered of rdissemintation


How is digital technology affecting the world?

Allows the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, and brings up issues of imperialism, accessibility, capitalism, e-waste, and forced adolescence


How does television affect the world?

It encourages passive interaction and changed family life; represents real world and influences people's understandings of others; unlimited viewing options


How do movies influence the world?

Romantic comedies, action, and dramas reinforce gender norms, as well as horror films, which also normalize violence


What did Mulvey do?

She examined Freud's scopophilia; there is an active male and passive female


What is scopophilia?

The pleasure involved in looking at peoples bodies as objects


How does music influence the world?

Genre and identity, political resistance, male dominated


How was print media influence the world?

Women's magazines sell beauty products, beautiful homes and good housekeeping; stereotypical and reinforces gender norms


What is the importance of "Thinking About Shakespeare's Sister"?

States that if he had a sister, she would have not been recognized in those times; pervades poetry, but is absent from history


What is the importance of the article about Rush Limbaugh?

He called women sluts and prostitutes after they testified in front of congress


What is the importance of "Vampires and Vixens"?

Pop culture is a site of education, critique, and analysis


What does the book talk about with Twilight?

That it incorporates postfeminist qualities; Bella is tough and smart when safe, but Edwards comes and saves her; sexualization of violence


What is enlightened sexism?

Empowers roles of women; aimed at younger women and consumerism; purchasing power and sexual power stronger than political power; takes the gains of women's movement as given, then uses them as permission to resurrect retrograde images of women