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Who were the first people to receive news of Jesus' birth and why was it significant?

the shepherds
-Shepherds were ex-cons---lowest of the low
-unclean spiritually and physically
-not considered credible witnesses


When did Jesus know he was God's son?

age 12- being left at the temple


Who was the forerunner for Jesus?

John the Baptist


Evolution of Baptism

-began in OT
1. Proselyte baptism-for a gentile who wanted to become a Jew
2. John the Baptist-you must repent
3. Baptism of commission-Jesus was dying to self which was a symbol for others to follow
4. Christian Baptism-dying to self and washing away of our sins (water is symbolic of blood)


Why did Jesus get baptized?

-not for repentance
-he was about to start his ministry and was showing the way


Explain temptation of Jesus

1. as soon as he is baptized, he goes into the wilderness for 40 days
2. Satan said that if he was the son of God he would:
-turn the stone to bread
-cast himself off the temple
-bow down and worship satan and he would give him the earthly kingdom


point of the temptation

it was the temptation to take a shortcut, avoid the cross, and be the messiah that everyone wants him to be


4 dimensions of the Kingdom of God

1. Internal-kingdom within you; the reign of God in our hearts
2. external- the church
3. present- now
4. future-heaven


AM Hunter definition of parables

an earthly story with a heavenly meaning


John Claypool definition of parables

windows that become mirrors
-look at mundane story and suddenly there is a twist and it turns back to you


break down word parable

bolos=to throw


Sermon on the mount

an evangelistic sermon meant to point people to Christ


4 contrasts in sermon on mount

1. the wide and narrow gate-wide is easier
2. good and bad tree- know them by their fruit
3. the authentic disciple and the poser
4. house built on the rock and house built on the sand


greek word for authority

Jesus taught as one whose authority was out of his being


Sermon on the mount is about ______

following Jesus from the inside out


Jesus takes the OT laws and _____

interiorizes them


What is Jesus doing instead of doing away with the law?

he is fulfilling scripture by deepening the OT laws and interiorizing it


What does Jesus liken anger to?



what does Jesus liken lust to?



what does Jesus say about divorce?

1. divorce is a sin because it goes against God's original intention
2. He is using this figuratively to talk about the tragic effects of divorce
3. Jesus is elevating the rights of women



Jesus is addressing the Am ha Aretes who think they are cursed by God but Jesus says they are blessed
-meekness is power under restraint


What does Jesus mean by turn the other cheek?

1. right cheek refers to back handed compliments
2. back in Jesus' day if you hit someone with a closed fist you had to pay 100 zuz
3. a back handed slap was punished by paying 400 zuz
4. when you are trying to bate someone out of disrespect
5. dont let yourself be baited by others


evolution of responding to enemis

1. premoses- law of unlimited retaliation
2. moses-limited retalitation
3. 1st century love: limited love (forgive friends but not enemies)
4. Jesus: unlimited love (forgive friends and enemies)


the lords prayer

invocation: invoking God's presence that he would come before you
1. our father who is in heaven
2. emperors wanted to be perceived as divine because it gave them more power
-said "our father on earth"
-by saying "our father in Heaven", they were saying "not you caesar" (risky)


past meaning of lords supper

"do this is remembrance of me"


present meaning of lords supper

new covenant
-no matter how often we break the covenant, Jesus shed his blood for our sake and the covenant will always stand


future meaning of the lords supper

proclaim the lords death until he comes



giving thanks for the good gift


Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus prays to God here before he is arrested and betrayed by Judas


When was Jesus' crucifixion and death?

30 AD



the place of the skull
lots of people were killed here and the hill looks like a skull



roman word invented to describe crucifixion
"out of the cross"


Was Jesus formally sentenced?

pilot never issued a formal sentence


significance of curtain torn in 2

A. we now have direct access to God now that Jesus died on the cross
B. background-
had a tabernacle (tent of meeting in OT)
People came to offer sacrifices
Holy place-inner room where only priest could enter
Holy of holies-only high priest could enter once a yr during Yom kippur with Arc of Cov.
Temple modeled after tabernacle
C. curtain no longer necessary bc of Jesus


Judas Iscariot

1. betrayed Jesus
2. by kissing Jesus on cheek he was identifying him as a witness
3. Motive- power (not money)
-saw Jesus as the earthly messiah-speeding up process to higher level position. Thought Jesus would step up to gain control
4. Judas was filled with remorse and disappointment after


Historical evidence for Jesus' resurrection

1. number of witnesses
2. inability of the officials to reproduce the body
3. Jesus' own predictions about his resurrection
4. the empty tomb
5. switch to sunday as Christian day of Worship
6. change in the disciples
7. conversion of Saul of Tarsus
8. did not have the conversion of James


who is the author of Acts

luke--first church historian


Better title for Acts

Acts of the Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit definition

the continuing and empowering presence of God in the world


Greek word for Holy Spirit

One who walks alongside you



Holy spirit comes to believers
Jewish festival celebrating God delivering the laws to Moses


Firsts in Acts

1. first martyr- Stephen
2. first deacons and elders
3. first big catch-Paul on Road to Damascus
4. first televangelist wanna be-Simon Magus (tries to bribe Peter and John to give him their miracle powers so he can make more money)--eventually a leader


Paul's prison epistles

1. Philippians
2. Ephesians
3. Colossians
4. Philemon


Philippians called

epistle of joy and thank you letter


3 major themes of Philippians

1. steadfast joy in the midst of persecution
-thanking Epaphroditus for the gift in prison
2. The self-emptying love of Christ (kenosis=empty)
3. sanctification-the ongoing process of striving towards complete Christlikeness


The kenosis passage

Phil 2:6
Jesus equal to God but didn't use equality to his own advantage (emptied himself)


"my God my God why have you forsaken me?"

main purpose was that he was quoting scripture to say that he was the fulfillment of prophecy
-Jesus was still teaching from cross
-quotes Psalm 22 which is a psalm of praise and lament