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What are some physical assessments for Anorexia?

o Languno
o Amenorrhea
o Yellowed skin color
o Poor skin turgor <3
o Decreased body temperature
o Possible Dysrhythmias
o Decreased body weight ( less than between 75%-85% of ideal weight)


What are some behavioral/psychosocial assessments for anorexia?

o Perfectionist
o Family Enmeshment
o Unrealistic view of appearance
o Family Sexual Abuse (possible)
 Preoccupation with food, calories exercise
o Rigorous exercise rituals
o Need to be in control
o Competitive


What are some physical assessments for bulimia?

o Normal weight or slightly overweight
o Russell’s sign ( callouses on back of hands)
o Enlarged parotid glands (chipmunk face)
o Dental caries/Enamel erosion
o Electrolyte imbalances
o Constipation (due to laxative abuse)
o Chronic sore throat


What are some behavioral/psychosocal assessments for bulimia?

o Outgoing, friendly, “life of the party”
o Guilt and Shame
o Secretive
o Aware of Problem 


What are some interventions for anorexia?

o Physical First!!
o Monitor for Re-feeding Syndrome
o Monitor for Dysrythmias
o Monitor weight, I &O and Vital Signs
 Remember weight gain is slow and should not be over-emphasized. What is our goal?
o Provide Time for Journaling
o Involve Family in Therapy
o Provide objective feedback for physical appearance/body image disturbances
o Encourage client decision making to allow for sense of control


What are some interventions for bulimia?

o Physical First!!
o Obtain and monitor baseline Electrolyte levels
o Monitor elimination patterns
o Monitor for 1 hour following meals if actively purging
o Encourage positive self-image
o Provide information regarding health risk
o Administer Prozac if ordered


What is a med you can give for anorexia or bulimia?


Works for OCD and can use in higher doses