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4. In what part of the body does most chemical digestion take place.

Small intestine. CLF. 64


9. What is bolus

It is what food is called after it has been broken down in the mouth. WKST. 60


12. The process by which waste is eliminated is.

Defecation. WKST. 60


16. What is not a function of the digestive system.

Obtaining oxygen. WKST 60


23. Where does digestion of carbohydrates begin

The mouth. CLF. 64


25. Where does the alimentary canal end?

The large intestine. Study Guide 59


27. Why do we need to break apart the food we eat?

So our bodies can use the nutrients from the food. CLF. 64


29. What substance coach s and protects the inside of the stomach?

Mucus. Study guide. 59


34. Nutrient molecules pass from the small intestine into the blood stream through tiny structures called?

Villi. WKST. 60


35. About half of the different ______ that make up proteins are made inside the body.

Amino Acids. WKST. 60


37. One of the roles of the ______ is to prepare waste material for elimination.

Large intestine. CLF. 64


43. T or F? Bacteria in the esophagus make vitamin K.

F the Large intestine make vitamin K. CLF. 64


45. Where is the pancreas?

Below the stomach. Notes from cc


51. What are villi.

any of numerous minute elongated projections set closely together on a surface, typically increasing its surface area for the absorption of substances, in particular. WKST . 60


52. Where is the duodenum and can it work with out the pancreas.

Duodenum is in the small intestine. Total pancreatectomy. This operation removes the entire pancreas, as well as the gallbladder, part of the stomach and small intestine, and the spleen. ... But when the entire pancreas is removed, people are left without the cells that make insulin and other hormones that help maintain safe blood sugar levels. CLF. 64