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Marina Abramovic

Relation in Time

16mm film still from performance in Bologna, Italy 1977

Orginially performed in 1977 for 17 hours at Studio G7

Visual metaphor

Early performance art with partner Ulay


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Marina Abramovic

Balkan Baroque

Video installation & mixed media, MoMA, NYC 2010

Three channel 24 minute color video, cow bones, copper sinks, & tub filled with black water, bucket, soap, metal brush, dress stained with blood


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Ai Weiwei

Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn

Digital print in 3 parts


Provocative Chinese artist in performace, dropping an ancient Han Dynasty urn

Photo documents also published bearing sarcastic text So Sorry emblazoned across them

Asking what is the value of art?

Member design team for Bird's Nest, Beijing Olympics Political activist later fell from grace, jailed by his government


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Ai Weiwei

Sunflower Seeds

Temporary installtion at Tate Modern in London


100 million illusionistic porcelain sunflower seeds all hand-painted by contracted workers in a single Chinese town, his homage to traditional craft


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Matthew Barney

From Cremaster 1 (part of his series of independently produced films), production still

Spent youth in Idaho & returned to high school stadium to stage piece

Performances by artist-director-producer of extravaganzas recalling mid-century Hollywood musicals

Adopts assorted personae

Questions idendity, gender, etc.


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Louise Bourgeois


steel and marble

30x29x33 ft


From series of similar large-scale female spider forms in assorted media

figurative abstraction

influential feminist French artist with long international career experimenting with many materials


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Chris Burden

Urban Light

permanent installation

200 found object antique cast iron streetlamps in a grid

LACMA's Broad Contemporary Art Museum, Los Angelas


Earlier in career, became notorious for Performance Art


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Maurizio Cattelan


wax, human hair, suit, polyester resin (alternative media & found object)


Artist as Bad Boy, as provocateur who enjoys the outrage of the audience

After successful recent Guggenheim Museum retrospective, claimed he would now retire early from making art


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Maurizio Cattelan

The Ninth Hour



Illustionistic fabricated elements used with found object elements

Pope John Paul II

Italian artist known for humorously skewering authority and historical figures. Said peice was "a reminder that all power has an expiration date"


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Francesco Clemente


tempera (egg-based paint) on handmade paper mounted on muslin

96x91 in (large for work on paper)

made up of 12 seperate attached sheets of handmade paper

much of his content is autobiographical

visual metaphor

italian (with studios in India and NYC), influenced by Indian street signage


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Francesco Clemente

Miniature, tempera paint/paper


Strong influence from tradional India mini abstraction in this image, even as artist included a very modern looking phone

Recalls loneliness of the ex-pat, of life abroad


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Tara Donovan


temporary installation

alternative materials/found objects


Styrofoam cups and glue

organic forms



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Janet Echelman

She Changes

architectural fiber


Work installed at waterfront, Portugal

Early influence on artist: watching fishermen tie nets in India. Collaborated with them in her original designs for durable, flexible, large scale forms.

Crossover to architecture


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Viola Frey

Earthenware (ceramic) 87 in tall


Larger than life size ceramic figures

Height significant because of technical difficulties of large scale in clay

One of early influential CA artists who moved towards sculpture, expanding clay beyond small, utilitarian ware


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Ann Hamilton


Site specific installation


Transformed entire exhibition space

floor covered with steel tokens

walls drawn on with candle soot (alternative media)

Molded wax votive heads filled vitrine

200 canaries flew free


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Ann Hamilton

Privation and Excesses

Installation with performance art


Alternative media (honey) with found objects (pennies)

Artist often a silent presence in her installations (in some of her works, she enlists other solo performers to sit quietly)


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Away from the Flock

Found object in fabricated case (steel/glass/formaldehyde)

Work in a series ft animals

other work in this series is This Little Piggy Went to Market, This Little Piggy Stayed Home

Motorized (kinetic) to slide back and forth


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Anish Kapoor

Cloud Gate

Permanent feature of Chicago's Millennium Park


Public Art (frequently a fraught enterprise, but this peice was well recieved by public, artists, and critics)

Reflective surface shows off city's artchitecture and residents

Site specific

Interior swirls upwards, offering distorted reflections

one of a series of projects, experiemtns with mini architecture


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Anish Kapoor

A Flower, A Drama Like Death


Intense primary color pigments and simple organic forms typical of this series

UK artist whose vivid colors influenced by spices in markets and clothing of his native India


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William Kentridge

Stills from recent animation by South African artist

Water based media on found object book pages with collage

Mixes figuratie abstraction with non-objective forms and with text


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Anselm Kiefer

Isis and Osiris

oil, acrylic emulsion, clay, porcelain, lead copper wire and circut board on canvas



Alternative materials with found objects

Alternative methods: blowtorch, ax, etc used in producing heavily textured canvases

Architectural forms are a critique of triumphalism of Nazi architectural design and reference the Holocaust


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Margaret Kilgallen

Temporary site specific installation; LA parking garage


figurative abstraction

retro aesthetic

was part of the California street art scene



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Jeff Koons

Balloon Dog (Red) & on wall Moon

High chromium stainless steel with transparent color (creates illusion of soft, air filled party material)


Series of dogs marketed in editions in different colors

Artist as celebrity appropriates forms from mass culture


contracts out fabrication of his 2d and 3d work, relinquishing role of artist as maker


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Barry McGee

Site specific painted mural/installation on his studio facade

Bay Area artists

figurative abstraction

has parallel art practice: street artist AKA Twist paints for free while he conducts a separte high-end gallery and museum career

Widower of Margaret Kilgallen (some stylistic cross-influence)


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Barry McGee



Mixed media with found objects

Drew atop found paper elements (old hand-drawn shop signage, song sheets, etc)

Inserted works in junk store frames and presented as wall full of related images in his various installations


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Kerry James Marshall

Untitled (Altgeld Gardens)

Unstretched canvas


From large series of monumental paintings, each ft imagined scenes from a different Chicago public housing project

Recalls with some irony the optimism of early mid century social experiments in city planning


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Kerry James Marshall

De Style

Acrylic and collage on unstretched canvas


African American artist adopts the heroic scale of tradional history paintings

Images convey diginity and importance of his individual subjects and asserts their right to have their portriats featured in museum collections

Flat areas of composition an homage to 20th century abstraction


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PO + KO Surrealism (Green)

acrylic on board


figurative abstraction

hard edge painting

influence from anime & other contemporary pop forms



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Takashi Murakami


Geffen Contemporary Museum



Japanese artist mines pop culture


mass produced platic merchandise one influence


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Shirin Neshat

Rebellious Silence

Black/white photo


self portriat with face altered with Farsi text by contemporary women poets writing about martyrdom and the Revolution


Iranian born US artist looking at woman's place in culture

Visual art as political activism


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Shirin Neshat

Munis and Revolutionary Man

C-print & ink including performance

Feminist narrative


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Tony Oursler

Let's Switch

installation with small crudely fabricated stuffed forms he then alters by video projection

Videotapes actors speaking lines from his scripts

Makes characters switch positions by alternation projectsion on the 2 cloth dummies

Example of postmodern artist crossing boundaries between visual art and theater


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Tony Oursler


Video installation



Subject: the horrors of war

Videos presented (ironically) in a funhouse like atmosphere intended to make visitor off balance


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Cornelia Parker



Alternative materials (including burnt wood) with wire and string

Found fragments (from burnt KY church)

Some illusion of movement, where static peices appear animated

UK artist


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Richard Prince

Untitled (Cowboy)

Ektacolor photographic print


Appropriation of images from mass culture, especially advertising

Raises questions about ownership of image and of originality in art in artist's recasting models then meticulously rephotographing Marlboro cigarette ads

Commentary on myth of the west and masculinity

Also did The Blue Cowboys piece


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Martin Puryear

The Nightmare

red cedar (painted)


Experience as Peace Corps volunteer exposed him to tradional African crafts and apprach to materials and vessels influencing froms such as this

Some works construted without power tools

Artist cites early influence from his family's knowledge of boat and furniture making


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Neo Rauch

Waiting for the Barbarians



Born in E. Germany, year before the Berlin Wall divided his country

Chose to remain in Leipzig after reunification

Enigmatic, layered images with implied but unclear narratives. Influcences from retro adveritising, comics and from early, noble-worker-Soviet-era propaganda images of his youth

plays with scale


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Neo Rauch


oil on canvas




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Gerhard Richter

Atlas Sheet 399: Still Lives

6 color photos

German artist known for eclecticism

Avoids restricting himself to a style, medium, etc.

Candle image reused in his large Photorealist oil canvases


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Richard Serra

7 rolled steel plate sculptures

Installation at Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

Steel 2" thick, but gives false impression material is easily manipulated

US sculptor in this series crosses line between sculpture and architecture, forming (sometimes uncomfortably) narrow passageways for visitor to follow


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Do-Ho Suh

Seoul Home/LA Home/NY Home/Baltimore Home/London Home/Seattle Home


Meditation by widely travelled Koream artist on the meaning of home

Example of sculptor captivated by architecture as art form

Traditional material emplyed in contemporary visual metaphor

More concerned with conventional beauty than some contemporary artists


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Do-Ho Suh

Part of a series in which artist finds beauty and nobility in military artifacts, in the art and art history of war

alternative material: commerically fabricated militaray IDs (dogtags) to build traditional vestment


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Akio Takamori

Village People

20-36 in heights



japanese-american artist known for confident, intuitive tradional mastery of ink and bamboo brush, here used on 3d clay surface

Figurative abstraction


Medium exploited for its sculptural (non-functional) potential


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Ursula Von Rydingsvard

Laminated, carved cedar blocks, cast brozne, graphite

Aggressively carved organic abstract forms

Chain saws and fine hand tools both used executing large-scale pieces

Ironic she reassembles and re-forms lumber to make art which depicts trees

polish born spenct early years in WWII refugee camps


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Jeff Wall

Staged photo

transparency in lightbox

Large scale intended to fill viewers vision

Backlighting offers illusion of real space

Photographer as designer, builder, director, etc

Implied narrative of abuse: vandalism of a woman's room

Canadian artist


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Rachel Whiteread

Vienna Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial

Site specific 

concrete cast form

Vienna square former site of synagogue. Area populated by Jews before some fled and other later evicted to death camps in WWII

UK sculptor crosses over into (modest-scale) Minimalist architecture


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Rachel Whiteread

Untitled (Orange Bath)

rubber, polystyrene


Sculptor experiments widely with industrial materials

minimalist approach to design


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Krzysztof (K) Wodiczko

Temporary projection on Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC


Politically motivated Polish born US artist (Early illegal projects on govt bldgs in Eastern Europe put him in some jeopardy)

Calling public's attention to gun violence in US

visual metaphor


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Krzysztof (K) Wodiczko

The Tijuana Projection 

Projected video with audio on (globular-shaped) building at Mexico/US border


Narrative art which highlights the plight of individual factory workers who, reading their own troubled stories aloud, had opportunity to broadcast their concerns to San Diego side of border

Large-scale work used to gain attention for his political concerns

Immigrant artist as socially engaged activist



Sentimentaltiy, tastelessness, tackiness

May refer to certain kinds of mass-produced items or to popular taste that displays such anti-high-art aesthetics, ex: a plaster verison of Durer's Praying Hands, sprayed with glitter



Taking and using some (major) element from art or non-art source without permission. In contemporary art, a trend in which visual content is lifted with or without attribution, which often makes the most of reference while changing context

ex: Paul McCarthy's (ironic) use of Disney's Pinocchio


Narrative (art)

Story, account of events

Art work concerned with story telling. Often this includeds animate figures.  Some performance aspects in art we screened included narrative elements


Kinetic (art)


Related to, or caused by, or producing motion. In art, most often refers to sculpture with moving parts


Performance Art

Visual art experiment of past several decades which usually involves time, space, and artist's body in what may be scripted or spontaneous event. Many, but certainly not all, performance art pieces are presented in galleries.  

In its purest form, the performance itself is the (however ephemeral) work of art, which may or may not have been documented. In may works we studied this semester, however, performance has been just one aspect on the way to creating the work we remember, i.e the photograph or video