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What are Alpha Brain waves?

-Occur during meditation or when you are awake but your eyes are closed and your mind is blank --> simple transition to sleep


Describe REM Sleep:

Neurological recovery
-BP and breathing pattern fluctuate; shuffle and organize day occurrences - rebooting your computer
-Dreaming; erections occur in males
-Easiest to awaken from


Describe Non-REM Sleep:

Bones and muscles
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage Slow Wave


What is Stage 1 of Non-REM Sleep?

Transition from wakefulness to sleep, twilight, sleep, "I am not sleeping!"


What is Stage 2 of Non-REM Sleep?

Bridge from Stage 1 to slow wave; interesting to the sleep world but boring for physicians
-EEG tracings of sleep spindles and K complexes cause arousal of sleep architecture


What is Stage Slow Wave Sleep?

Combined Stage 3 & 4
Restorative to bones and muscles
-Consistent breathing pattern
-Stable BP (10% lower, "dipping")
-Body on autopilot
-Most difficult to be awaken from
-Parasomnias occur - sleep walking, sleep talking, bed wetting


What is Sleep Architecture?

-Cycle through stages every 90 minutes
-Awakenings occur during lighter stages
-More slow wave early in night; more REM at end of night


How much sleep do people need?

As much as they need to feel refreshed!


How much sleep does the average adult need?

7.5 hours


What are good sleep habits?

-Wake at the same time every morning
-Naps are good - take them! (only reason not to nap is if it affects your ability to sleep at night)


What are the sleep needs for children?

10-11 hours (minimum) - increase in slow wave sleep (growing bones/muscles)


What are the sleep needs for Adolescents?

9-10 hours - hormones cause a circadian shift --> go to sleep later and wake later


What are the sleep needs for Adults?

8 hours


What are the sleep needs for Seniors?

8 hours - decreased slow wave sleep, more fragmented sleep, may need naps


What messes with sleep?

-Sleep disorders: narcolepsy, restless legs, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea
-Poor sleep hygiene
-Snoring - should it be under sleep disorders? Probably more of a sleep disorder for your significant other.
--> Suggest ear plugs for parties' breath nasal strips work great but are hard on skin (surgery is an option too)


What is Good Sleep Hygiene?

-Use bed for sleep and sex only
-Downtime routine before bed
-Maintain consistent rise time
-Daily exercise
-Make time during the day to worry/meditate
-Effects of alcohol, caffeine, smoking