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A researcher would like to evaluate a new drug proposed to decrease cholesterol levels among patients with heart disease. What kind of study is best to get this information?

Clinical trial - if you see drugs in a boards question = clinical trial


What are case control studies always associated with?

Retrospective reports


You are doing research comparing the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral vs. motivational therapy in depressed patients. The study includes 60 outpatients being seen at health services. They are randomly assigned to 3 groups: those who will receive CBT, those receiving MT

-The therapies being compared in the study
-IV = can be manipulated in order to measure outcome (dependent variable is depression)


A study is designed to test the effectiveness of having a renal transplant compared to not having one. A group of 60 people, who had renal disease and received a kidney transplant, are followed over 20 years to see if any experience graft rejection. Another group of 60 people, who also had renal disease and did not receive a kidney transplant, is also followed over 20 years. What kind of study is this?

Cohort Study = two different groups and following them over time (longitudinal)
-Not case control = you'd have to retrospectively look back
-Not clinical trial = not randomly choosing people to get transplant or not


At a large hospital, a study of early childhood obesity was conducted on a random sample of 1,000 patients. The mean weight was 70 lb., with a standard deviation of 10. Which of the following is an accurate description of the data?

Approximately 68% of patients weighed between 60 and 80 lb.


What does 1 standard deviation encompass?

68% of data


What does 2 standard deviations encompass?

95% of data


What does 3 standard deviations encompass?

99.7% of data


While reviewing a study regarding a new treatment involving essential oils, you read the following statement: "In clinical trials, essential oils lowered diastolic BP in patients with chronic HTN by an average of 15% (p-value of

The observed value has a less than 10% chance of occurring by chance alone.
P-value does NOT relate to reproducibility at ALL.


A researcher is studying the effects of knitting on concentration among a group of 36 4th graders. Results of the study reveal: Mean increase in concentration time = 25 minutes; SD = 12 minutes - What is the confidence interval for this sample assuming a confidence level or alpha = 0.05?

CI = Mean +/- Z(SE)
Z = 1.96 if alpha = 0.05
SE = SD/sq. root of n

12/6 = 2 = SE
25 +/- 2*2 = 21-29


What is the Z value associated with a 99% confidence interval?

alpha = 0.01
Z = 2.58