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"Assess the main criticisms of the Common Agricultural Policy" - 15 Marks

Criticised by groups as diverse as Oxfam and the World Trade Organisation.

1. It is costly, wasteful and distorts the free market- representing an over powerful EU superstate, alienating anti-integrationists like Farage- an EU 'superstate' where 37% of EU taxpayer's money is spent on the CAP.., even the Queen gets money! £1 million in 2005
2. The CAP promotes 'dumping'- although this has improved since 'decoupling' of subsidies from production in 2005 it is still an issue: as recently in 2009 milk was being dumped: In Ghana 1L of EU milk was being sold for €0.51, whereas Ghanian farmers needed €0.61 to break even.

3. Environmental groups: EU stipulates 7% of land must be left fallow, but farmland birds have declined by 50% since the 1970s


When was the CAP founded?