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The boy of Burton Fradulent cases
- When did it happen ?
- What happened ?
- How was it found to be fradulent ?

- 1597
- Alice Goodridge was accused of causing Thomas Darling hallucinations. John Darrell exersices the demons out of Darling
- Darling confesses after trial that the case is fraudulent


The Pendle Swindle Case
- When?
- Why?
- What happened afterwards?

- Edmund Robinson accuses Jennett Device of participating in a Sabbatt.
- The magistrate tranfer case to lonfon, evidence is questioned, Robinson confesses


The Demon Drummer of Tedworth Case
- Why ?
- What happened after?

- 1662
- Drury played the drums to raise money for the poor, accused of using the drums to cast spells over houses
- Drury gets deported for theft and disturbances stop, manages to escape the ship


The Jane Wenham case
- When?
- Why?
- What happened afterwards?

- 1712
- Jane Wenham is a wise woman, people accused her of being a witch and bewitiching someone, they also said she cast a curse
- 16 people support diferent accusations, the court ultimatly find her innocent


Reginald Scot
The Discoverie Of Witchcraft
-When was it published?
-What are the views?

- 1584
- Questioned the biblical basis for witch hunting


Samuel Harsnett
The Fraudulent practices of John Darrel
- When?
-Views held?

- 1599
- Rejected all witchcraft, felt the boy of burton case was completly false


Thomas Ady
A Candle in the Dark
- When?
- Views held?

- 1656
- Belived in witches, dont have a pact with the devil, nothing in the bible to support this


John Webster
The displaying of supposed witchcraft
- When?
- Views Held?

- 1677
- Reinforced Ady's views that the bible failed to mention witchcraft, her also said that witches existed but are not linked to the supernatural


Balthasar Bekker
The Enchanted World
-Views Held?

- 1691
- Built on Ady's argument, belived that witchcraft was a deception


The revolution of Heavenly Spheres

-He agrered with Aristotle that planets moved in perfect circles


Astronomia Nova

-Planets move in an oval shape around the sun, planets don't travel at a constant speed


Dialogue Concering Two Chief World Systems

- 1632
-Rejected the church in scientific matters, developed a system that fused maths and scientific matters.
- inspired later scientists


Isaac Newton - Principia Mathematica
- When?
- What?

- 1687
- Mathmatically proved Kepler's law of planetary motion.
- he managed to show, centrifugal force( the idea that planets are pullws towards the gravity of the sun forming a circular orbit


Francis Bacon
Proficience and Advancment of Learning
- Why ?

-Created the idea of empirical knowladge which is Knowladge learnt from experiences and observations


Thomas Hobbes
De Corpore
- When?
- What?

- 1655
- He promoted deductive reasoning over inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning you test an idea through observation


Thomas Hobbes
De Homine

- 1658
- He promoted Materialism, which is the belief that nothing exists except matter


John Loke
Essay Concerning Human Understanding

-Idea that humans were born without knowledge, he questions if knowledge can be trusted
- empiricism is everything, no room for the supernatural