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What is Stichomythia?

Repeated short sentences
Shows an increase in peace usually to create tension for dramatic effect


In literate what is the owl a symbol of?

A figure of knowledge
Knowledge is seen as a responsibility which people don't want in the duchess of Malfi


Explain what dramaturgical means

How dialect in plays appears on stage


In act 2 scene IV, there is a comical scene involving the Cardinal and Julia. Why does Webster use comedy before the tragedy?

In order to build suspense


Explain revenge tragedy
What do they focus on?

Senica wrote plays in 1580 which exposed the brutality of Roman emperor, Nero.

These plays became known as revenge tragedy and were popular in England as they were translated

Revenge plays focus on the destructive nature of revenge


What was the Bishops ban?

Censorship law against play writes


Who was the real life Ferdinand?
Find the quote in Act 2 scene V where the Cardinal praised his Machiavellian methods

Ferdinand purges the Jews and Arabs in Spain to purify the Spanish blood

Quote: "shall our blood, the royal blood of Aragon and Castile, be thus tainted?"


In the opening of Act 2 scene I what does Bosolo say which asserts him as a Machiavellian leader?

"If you smile upon a prisoner, hang him"