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"You are deceived..."
Finish the quote
List A02
List A03
Make clear where the line ends for characters who speak in verse

"You are deceived in him. / His nature is too honest for such business"
Antithesis - 'deceived' vs 'honest'
Noun - business = the cardinal & Ferdinand are shortlist people who they can employ to spy on their sister, they refer to this as business - exposes the corruption in Jacobean England as deception is simply considered 'business' rather than a moral crime


"Say then my corruption/ grew out of horse dung..."

"Say then my corruption / grew out of horse dung. I am your creature... Let good men for good deeds covet good fame... sometimes the devil doth preach"


"Political monster..."
Finish the quote

"Political monster... he would have carried it away without heavens knowledge"
A02 - hyperbolic - suggests that the Cardinals power supersedes that gods
AO2 - antithesis - 'monster' vs 'heaven'
AO3 - Machiavellian influence
AO3 - Devine right of kings


"A politician is the devil's..."
Finish the quote

"A politician is the devil's quilted anvil... for this act I am certain to be raised - and men that paint weeds to the life are praised"
AO2 - metaphor - politicians are merely a weapon which quietly act on behalf on the devil
AO2 - possessive apostrophe - binds politicians to the devil - no escaping his grasp
AO2 - rhyming couplet
AO3 - quote addresses one of Webster she primary concerns - meritocracy in society - the need for social mobility drives men to be deceitful - in order for men to rise in status, they must they become apart of the Machiavellian system and abandon their moral integrity - those who don't do this, like Antonio and Delio, will never rise